Sell Your Written-off Car for Cash

Sell Your Written-off Car for Cash

Sell Your Written-off Car for Cash | MetalBiz Recyclers | Brisbane

If you have a car that’s been written-off, once you get over the shock of the accident, a decision you may have to make is – what to do with your damaged, written-off car?


One of the fastest and easiest ways to sell your car is to take it to a scrap metal recycler that offers Cash for Cars.

Car recyclers don’t fix and resell your car. Instead, they dismantle it, recycle the metal, and reuse any parts of value. This means they:

  • Can still offer you good money for a car that’s been damaged, or even undriveable.
  • Make disposal easy because they collect your car from you, usually on the same day.
  • Buy any vehicle, whether it’s a recent model or something much older.

Sometimes, written-off cars car can be repaired (see our other article about what to do with a written-off car), and sometimes it’s economical to sell the parts yourself. But with everyone having less time and less space in their driveways, it’s become more common to get a quote for Cash for Cars.

So, what do you need to sell your written-off car?

Actually, it’s incredibly simple – all you need is photo ID. You car is not being sold to be repaired and re-registered, so minimum paperwork is required. All you need to do is call and be present when we collect the car. We’ll do the rest, and you get paid cash.

A common question is how much is your car worth? Prices vary depending on the value, age, popularity of the car, as well as the damage, obviously. Cars can be worth up to $8999, but your best bet is to request a quote and most companies will respond very quickly.

So are all Cash for Cars the same? Well, not really….

Recycling cars is very important, so companies like MetalBiz are focused on recycling your car responsibly. There are many environmentally-harmful chemicals in cars, from transmission and brake fluids, to oils and petrol. Because of this, MetalBiz invested in highly-specialised equipment from Germany to quickly and effectively extract these fluids. This is better for the environment, better for business, and saves runoff from entering local waterways.

Do you have a written-off car you’re trying to sell?

If you live in Greater Brisbane (we’ll even travel to the Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Caboolture) MetalBiz is your local Cash for Cars. So get in touch today to see how much cash you can get!