Selling scrap copper and copper wire quickly in Brisbane

Selling scrap copper and copper wire quickly in Brisbane

sell your scrap copper

Got scrap copper or copper wire you need to sell quickly?

With the demand for recycled copper on the rise, it makes sense to sell your copper and get the best price possible for it on today’s market. Find out more about where to sell your scrap copper in Brisbane.

Get cash for your scrap copper.

Copper is one of the most prized metals for recycling because there are lots of functional items that can be made from it. It’s an excellent conductor of electricity, and so is widely used for electrical wiring and hot water pipes in homes. Scrap copper comes in many different forms, from old copper plumbing pipes and copper tubing to copper water tanks and copper sheeting. But the price you’ll get for your copper will vary depending on the type and grade of the material you have.

Why Metal Biz for scrap copper?

We buy all kinds of scrap copper.

Selling your scrap copper to a reputable scrap metal yard such as Metal Biz, not only ensures you get the best price but that your copper is recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Metal Biz buys most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Copper is a non-ferrous metal (without iron) and one of the most sought after scrap metals we buy. We deal in all forms of scrap copper solids (tubing, wiring and sheeting, etc.), non-solids (copper chips and dust, etc.) and breakage (old motors, transformers, etc.)

Fast, easy & convenient.

Selling your scrap copper to us is fast, easy and convenient. With three locations around Brisbane, and accurate weighbridge and platform scale Metal Biz is a hassle-free way to sell your scrap copper. Our weighbridge and platforms scales are regularly checked by the Council for accuracy so you can have peace of mind that you’ll receive a fair price.

We provide onsite bins for regular removal, pickup or self-drop off.

You’ll receive a competitive market price for your scrap copper when you sell it to Metal Biz. We have onsite bins so you can bring your scrap copper directly to one of our convenient locations in Brisbane: Rocklea Weighbridge Branch (Southwest Brisbane), Slacks Creek Branch (South Brisbane) or Geebung Weighbridge Branch (North Brisbane).

We also provide a free one-off pick up service or regularly scheduled removal service for commercial and industrial sites. Our bins range from a capacity of 1.7M³ to 30M³ depending on your requirements.

Contact Metal Biz today to find out more about our competitive market prices for scrap copper, or give us a call on 1300 72 72 72.