Brisbane Metal Recycling Open to business and the public, Metal Biz helps Brisbane sell their scrap fast. Advanced operations make commercial scrap metal recycling a breeze.


Metal Biz Recyclers is your professional and friendly scrap metal recyclers.

Cash for cars Brisbane

Metalbiz Recyclers has been providing easy and efficient cash for scrap cars across Brisbane since 2007. We’re proud to offer our customers a service that helps individuals and the environment at the same time. We stand out from similar services by processing your cars on-sight at one of our three convenient locations across Brisbane, thus reducing our costs – meaning we can offer you the best value and most competitive price for your scrap car.

Free car removal Brisbane

We add value to our services by offering free car removal in Brisbane for any vehicle in any condition that you wish to scrap with us. Our team of professionals has experience removing vehicles from a wide variety of situations, from roadside fender-benders to completely totalled vehicles. We’ll even take a perfectly good car straight from your garage if you’d like us to.

Car wreckers Brisbane

If you have a car that’s been wrecked beyond repair, or perhaps isn’t worth the cost of fixing, don’t let it sit in your yard, taking up space and impacting the surrounding environment. Instead, for the cost of absolutely nothing, our efficient car wreckers will take it apart and pay you in cash for the value of the scrap metal.

Car recycling Brisbane

We take the process of car recycling very seriously at Speedy. Our mission since we began in 2007 has been to reduce the impact on the environment by preventing metal from being dumped in landfills where it could sit for tens if not hundreds of years, and also reduce carbon emissions that are a result of the processes used to mine and process metal ores into useable raw material. We take cars in any condition to be taken apart and recycled before being crushed and melted in order to be shipped across Australia and the rest of the world to be used as raw materials. Our council-tested weighbridge gives us the most accurate measurement of just how much scrap you’ve sent to us so that we can pay you a fair and highly competitive price for it.

Whatever purpose you require our services for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling us at 1300 72 72 72 or fill out the form Click Here on our Contact Us page to get a quote or make an inquiry and start making money from your metal.