15 Awesome Gadgets You Could Buy Using Cash For Cars

Did you know that Metal Biz turns old cars into cash?

Yep, we’ll even come and collect your car from your home or workplace for free! Here are 15 awesome gadgets you could buy with our cash for cars deal:

1. Sensorwake

(Image via Sensorwake)

Ever fancied waking up to the smell of coffee, croissants, or chocolate in the morning? The olfactory alarm-clock gradually wakes you up using scents so that you always wake up in a good mood.

2. Cozmo AI Robot

(Image via Anki)

Cozmo is a robot that learns about you over time and develops a unique personality in response to his surroundings. He gets curious and explores. He plots and plans, and can even recognise faces.

3. Spector

(Image via Engadget)

Typeface geeks will go giddy over this soon-to-be-released digital font collector. Spector is a design tool that scans printed text and immediately identifies the name of the font and the exact shade of colour as it appears. It will even send the data directly to InDesign or Photoshop!

4. FitBit Activity Tracker

(Image via FitBit)

A FitBit is a stylish wristband that tracks your daily steps, distance walked, calories burned, hourly activity, stationary time, and more. We particularly love the silent alarm feature that wakes you up with vibration.

5. Oculus Samsung Gear VR

(Image via Gizmodo)

Whether you want to play a game, take a virtual vacation, or watch a movie, the Oculus Gear VR is the ultimate gadget for exploring the world in virtual reality.

6. Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

(Image via Nike)

‘Back to the Future’ fans will love Nike’s new self-lacing shoes! The sneakers are triggered when you place your foot inside the shoe, and when your heel hits a sensor, the laces automatically tighten. Pretty McFly!

7. Micro M3D

(Image via Printm3d)

The Micro 3D Printer is the “the first truly consumer 3D printer”. It’s intuitive, compact, and has a 1970s round-edged, cubical retro look that we love. In fact, it’s so small you could fit it in your backpack!

8. GoTenna

(Image via GoTenna)

Heading into the outback where there’s no cell service? GoTenna creates a private wireless network you can use to send text messages to your family and share you location with your friends with GPS.

9. Amazon Echo

(Image via Amazon Echo)

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. It connects up with a range of different devices like smart light bulbs, thermostats, weather apps, music apps, book apps, and more. It’s basically a gadget for an intelligent home.

10. Beker

(Image via IndieGoGo)

Wish you could listen to beats while you’re swimming laps or jogging in the rain? Beker is a waterproof, ear-free, ‘bone conduction’ MP3 player that allows you to enjoy high-quality music when doing water/outdoor sports.

11. Trackr

(Image via Trackr)

Sick and tired of losing track of your keys, wallet, or tv remote? Trackr is an awesome gadget that helps you find all of your lost stuff with your smartphone. You can even ring a missing item or be notified before leaving things behind.

12. Ember Smart Mug

(Image via Gizmag)

There is nothing worse than drinking cold coffee in the morning. The Ember coffee mug is a temperature-controlled mug that will keep your beverages at the exact temperature you like for 2 hours. It also comes with temperature presets for different drinks and a leak-proof lid.

13. Nima

(Image via CBS)

Nima is a handheld, app-connected device that detects gluten levels in food in approximately 2 minutes. You simply put a small piece of food into the capsule, screw on the lid, and then insert the capsule into the sensor. And, voila you get to see what’s happening in your food at a molecular level!

14. DJI Phantom 4 Drone

(Image via Gizmodo)

The Phantom 4 is the “sexiest drone that DJI ever designed”. It features precision hovering, visual tracking, multiple flight modes, a lightweight magnesium skeleton, and a 28 minute flight time.

15. Forcite Alpine

(Image via KickStarter)

High-tech snow shredding anyone? The Forcite Alpine is a Kickstarter smart helmet for snow sports. The sleek headpiece houses some serious tech, including an ultra-HD camera, a noise-canceling microphone that allows you to communicate with other people on the same slope, a GPS system, and more.


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