5 Benefits Of Car Recycling | How To Get The Most Out Of Car Disposal?

Every year, over half a million scrap cars are disposed of in Australia. These car scraps can have significant impact on our environment and society if not treated properly. As an environmental-conscious auto recycler providing leading cash for cars service across Brisbane, Metal Biz has conducted a thorough research on 1) the positive environmental and economic impact of recycling cars correctly 2) the car disposal best practice. This article will also reveal four key ways for consumers to get the most out of disposing scrap cars.  


This article cover the following topics: 

  1. What are the environmental and economic benefits of selling your scrap car for cash?
  2. What is the car recycling best practice?
  3. Cash for cars – How to get the most out of car disposal? 


What are the environmental and economic benefits of selling your scrap car for cash? 

1. Deposing cars correctly prevents chemical leaks

Safely processed hazardous materials can effectively reduce the chance of chemicals and pollutants contaminating soil. Fluorocarbon refrigerant gases can damage the ozone layer and contribute to global warming if released into the atmosphere (Australian Refrigeration Council). In fact, recycling car batteries prevents the leaking of lead and sulphuric acid into the environment which are toxic to animals and humans. Disposing of cars in a secure and environmentally aware manner is better for you and the environment in the long term. 

98% of car batteries can be recycled. 

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2. Effective car recycling reduces landfill

Sadly, if unwanted scrap cars are not recycled with the right procedure, they will most likely end up in landfills. This is a huge problem as a large proportion of vehicle tyres are either buried or burnt, creating severe pollution. It is also common for scrap metal to leach toxic chemicals into soil, therefore contaminating groundwater and destroying plant life. Luckily, effective car recycling can reduce unnecessary landfill and put your scrap car to good use.

It is estimated that around 52.5 million tyres reach the end of their life each year in Australia, of which only 13% are currently being recycled. (SITA)

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3. Auto recycling reduces the need for virgin metal

Steel body frames are the main part of vehicles manufactured. Thankfully, car steel can be reused and recycled which reduces the need to mine for new steel. Steel recycling uses 75% less energy and requires less coal than making steel from virgin materials.

That would save vast quantities of carbon, in part because electric arc furnaces – used for recycling steel – are much more energy efficient than blast furnaces, which produce new steel from iron ore. (The Guardian)

Vast amounts of water, energy and precious natural resources are saved by responsible scrap steel disposal. Auto recycling is a fundamental way that steel materials can be collected and reused effectively.

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4. Deposing cars correctly reduces greenhouse emission

Did you know vehicle recycling processes cut down on energy consumption? It does this by reducing extraction of natural resources. The metal production process causes fossil fuel burning that adds to the earth’s CO2 concentration and global warming. If recycling scrap metal was increased, the amount of yearly emissions could be heavily reduced. Additionally, using recycled materials, such as car window glass, can also save raw material. This ultimately reduces your carbon footprint if you choose to auto recycle and can significantly benefit the environment in a major way.

Comparison of carbon footprint between virgin metal and recycling metal production (WPI)

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5. Car recycling creates positive economy impact

The benefits of correct car disposal are not just environmental. It provides a cost efficient solution that ensures the survival of many businesses. Both local and overseas construction markets and the manufacturing industry utilise these recycled materials, especially scrap metal. This allows businesses to cut down the cost of producing new steel and keep their products affordable for consumers.


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What is the car recycling best practice?

Separating a scrap car and removing toxic fluids in an efficient and safe manner make recycling different parts of the vehicle possible. Sadly, not all car disposal companies are equipped or motivated to recycle scrap cars responsibly. At Metal Biz, we care about where the car ends up after it is considered an auto wreckage. The below is a demonstration of the key steps an environmental-conscious car recycling business goes through to dispose your car responsibly.

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Cash for cars – how to get the most out of car disposal for consumers? 

For most consumers, cash for cars service is about making some spare cash and getting rid of the scrap car from their properties ASAP. Based on these considerations, these are four factors to keep in mind when choosing the most efficient and suitable car disposing business to get rid of your scrap car.

1. The best cash for car quote

It’s totally understandable that consumers want to get the best price for their vehicles. At Metal Biz, we aim to offer the best cash quotes to make sure it will beat any genuine cash for cars offer.

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2. Experienced and professional staff

It will save you a lot of time and effort if you use an experienced and professional cash for car team. With years of experience in the car recycling industry, they know how to make the whole process of selling scrap car and getting paid in cash easy and stress-free for you.

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3. Free car removal service in your area

When you couldn’t wait to get rid of your unwanted car from your property, it’s always worth asking the auto recycler whether they provide same-day scrap car removal service. Make sure they provide the car removal service for free so that it would not eat up the amount you get from selling your scrap car.

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4. Recycling scrap cars responsibly

Disposing your car correctly is a great way you can contribute to the environment. Choosing a car disposing business with a specialty of auto recycling is the way to achieve this. Have a chat with your scrap car service today and see how they contribute to the environment through auto recycling.