5 Home DIY Projects to Try With Copper Wire

Copper wire is a recyclable, non-ferrous metal commonly used in electrical wiring and plumbing. It is also a popular home DIY decor metal because it’s easily bent by hand or with pliers. Accenting a room with cool copper wire can add a touch of sophistication and glamour. It can be fashioned into lampshades and ornaments, and you can even make jewellery with it! Check out these DIY projects.

1. Copper Wire Lettering

Get bending and create some heartfelt words to decorate your potted plants, bare walls or to go atop a cake. You can use your hands to bend and then a pair of round nose pliers for any overlaps or flourishes.

Tip: Use 20 gauge copper wire and keep the wire flat on your work table as you bend rather than hand held. If using for a pot plant or cake, leave extra wire at each end of the word to use as stakes.

Source: Lia Griffith

2. Wire Dragonflies

These cute wire dragonflies look great attached to curtains as ornaments or you can even use them as table decorations, or in wedding bouquets. The dragonflies are made it two parts. Beads are threaded onto wire for the body, then the wings are made separately. The two are joined together with thinner wire.

Get the complete tutorial here.

3. Copper Chemist Vase

This unique vase made from test tubes and copper wire is perfect for single stemmed flowers. It requires a little more DIY, enlisting the help of tools such as a soldering iron, but there are options for not using one too. If you’re up for the challenge and you love the science themed look then the result is well worth the effort.

Tip: use slightly heavier copper wire for sturdiness so your vase doesn’t lose its shape.

Get the complete tutorial here.

4. Copper Lamp

This cool lamp looks complicated to make but isn’t that difficult if you follow the instructions and you have the right tools. Hot glue is used to attach the copper pipe fittings so they can be adjusted easily before setting, and have a cleaner finish. The shade ‘cage’ is made from copper electrical wire that’s been stripped with pliers and soldered together into rings.

Tip: Polish the fittings so they have more shine.

5. Copper wire bracelet

This super stylish heart bracelet is simple enough to make, all you need is copper wire and two pairs of jewelry pliers; round nose and flat nose. The wire is basically bent into loops and attaches securely to itself so you don’t need any extra hook attachments.

Tip: Use 16 gauge half hard wire.

Get the complete tutorial here.

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