5 Interesting Upcycling Projects You Can Do at Home

For many household items that can and can’t be recycled, the option is always there to upcycle them too. Upcycling is when a discarded product is given a new and different use and, most importantly, minimises the impact on the environment.

Upcycling is a popular pastime for many artists and creative types who find unique and surprising uses for ordinary items or create works of art. So why not do your bit to keep products out of landfill and try some of these simple upcycling projects?

1. Tin Cans to Upcycled Light Holders

(Image credit: Consumer Crafts)

This is an imaginative and colourful way to dress-up tin cans rather than just dumping them in the recycle bin. These cute lights can be used to illuminate your outdoor patio for evening gatherings, and instead of ordinary tea lights you could use citronella ones to keep the mozzies at bay.

Get the tutorial here

2. Plastic Bottle to Upcycled Bottle Packaging

(Image credit: Milo Made)

Keep back a spare plastic bottle from the recycling bin and try this different use for it instead. Plastic packaging always comes in use, and this is a simple eco-friendly way to make a storage container ‘pillow box’ for household items or to package up a gift. If you give it away, make sure the recipient puts it in the recycling bin at the end of its usefulness.

Get the tutorial here

3. Old Cardboard to Upcycled Vase

(Image credit: [email protected] by Lakshmi)

Who would’ve thought that cardboard could be turned into a unique vase? But this is an effective way to use up old corrugated cardboard and to repurpose an old CD at the same time. You’ll need a bit of patience with this one when layering the cardboard but the end result is worth it.

Get the tutorial here

4. Old Toothpaste Tube to Upcycled Anything Holder

(Image credit: The Greening of Westford)

You’ll need to have a few empty tubes of toothpaste before you can make this one, but it’s definitely a way to get the kids to brush their teeth. This handy holder could be used to for storing toothbrushes in the bathroom or art marker pens in their bedrooms.

Get the tutorial here

5. Old Lampshades to Upcycled Vases

(Image credit: The House That Lars Built)

If you’ve got some old fashioned light shades you’re about to declutter, consider upcycling them as flower holders and planters instead. All you’ll need is some primer and a colour you love. Don’t these look so much better as vases than sitting in landfill?

Get the tutorial here


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