5 Recycling and Waste Management Tips for Businesses

In this article, we take a look at 5 simple ways to boost your business’ recycling strategy and reap the rewards!

Whether you own a small cafe, a marketing agency, or a large-scale corporate business with 500+ employees, a few a simple changes could be all it takes to transform your waste management program into an asset.

1. Complete a waste management audit

Did you know that Australian businesses generate around 1.7 tonnes of waste per employee per year, but only about half of that is being recycled?

By reducing your business’ waste, you can reduce your costs, save time, and enhance your corporate reputation. In fact, some recyclable materials (like scrap metal) are even worth cash-in-hand!

A waste management audit is a great way to quickly identify areas where you could enhance your waste management strategy and boost your profits. One great audit tool that we love is the free Bin Trim program by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

2. Put your recycling bins in a better place

The location of your recycling bins can have a significant impact on how much recycling your employees do.

For example, the distance between your recycling bin and your general bin can greatly influence your employee’s recycling behaviour. Research conducted by the University of Melbourne shows that if your recycling bin is less than 5 metres away from your general bin, your recycling rate will be nearly the same as if no recycling bin was provided at all.

The good news? 80% of employees would like to see more recycling in their workplace. So all you need to do is move your bins closer together and you should see your recycling rates go up!

3. Use more signage

Eye-catching signage is an excellent way to encourage more recycling and remind your employees that they need to place their rubbish in the designated recycling bins.

Some of the most effective ways to make sure that your signs get noticed include:

  • Using more engaging imagery, patterns, and bright colours
  • Moving the sign around every once and while to keep the message fresh
  • Placing your sign as close to your recycling bins as possible (preferably at eye height)

4. Choose the right recycler

Just like any other business decision, it’s important to do your research before jumping into partnership with a recycling company. You never know, you could be missing out on big financial benefits!

Some of the things you may like to consider before choosing your recycler include:

  • Who pays for the recycling?
  • Do you get regular reports on your recycling performance?
  • What are the recycling facilities like?
  • What happens to the items you recycle?
  • Is your recycler environmentally-friendly?
  • Are they reliable and professional?

5. Join a recycling program

There are a number of free recycling initiatives that will make it easier for you to run and implement a successful waste management program at your place of work.

For example, PlanetArk offers a free ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ collection box for your old printer cartridges, and MobileMuster offers a free pick-up and processing service for your old mobile phones. You may also like to participate in the government’s free Reverse E-waste initiative to recycle your old gadgets, computers, and other technological products.

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