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Metalbiz is a trusted arena for those looking for an instant option to sell their old appliances for immediate cash. We offer professional appliance recycling Ipswich services without letting anyone invest time, energy, and money.

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    We Offer Ecologically Safe Appliance Recycling In Ipswich

    We Offer Ecologically Safe Appliance Recycling In Ipswich

    Metalbiz has been a prominent supporter of recycling practices, designing integral processes that contribute to the protection of the environment. In addition to auto recycling, we have the leading approach to appliance recycling in Ipswich.

    We follow the best techniques to transform your old and unwanted appliances into hefty cash, keeping the environment safe and protected. Following the regulations of Ipswich City Council, we ensure that our practices align with the framed policies. Our services emphasise the four major areas: health and safety of the workforce, quality management, risk management, and environment management.

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    Find The Suitable Appliance Removal Method

    To keep our esteemed customers satisfied with our services, we have laid down two methods for choosing the most suitable.

    To bring your appliances to our scrap yards in Ipswich, you can go with one of these options:

    Drop-Off Service

    This service allows you to locate our premises and drop off all your appliances yourself. It will also allow you to get first-hand knowledge of the value of your appliances from our expert appraisers and get paid on the spot.

    Book Our Pick-up Services

    In this method, you can book a suitable date and time that fits your convenience to let our team of appliance evaluators and inspectors visit your site to value the product. Once the offer suits you, remove the appliances and receive cash instantly.

    Benefits of Recycling Appliances

    Each year in Australia, millions of tonnes of appliances end up in landfills, normally taking hundreds of years to biodegrade. This chain of events creates adverse effects on the communities and the environment. Large appliances are made, on average, of about 75% steel, a highly recyclable metal.

    Metalbiz benefits the environment by recycling appliances to extract metals such as steel and aluminium and putting them back into the manufacturing cycle. The recyclable parts of the appliances can be used to create new and more energy-efficient items. The recycling process cuts down the cost of mining, producing and transporting resources required to manufacture appliances from scratch, minimising the impact of contamination and promoting environmental preservation.

    Bring your old and unwanted appliances to our scrapyard and participate in our proficient appliance recycling practices.

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    Sell Your Old Appliances In A Click

    Many of us might have never realised that even our old, damaged, and broken appliances can be transformed into surplus cash without hassle. Using the right approach, Metalbiz has streamlined ways to cater to all kinds of scrap metal extracted from vehicles or equipment.

    Here is how you can enrol in our professional appliance recycling program in Ipswich.

    Why Choose Us?

    Australians own more than 45 million household appliances, and 2.5 million are discarded yearly. Metalbiz is following strategies to preserve the appliances from ending up in landfills to as much extent as we can.

    We are an ideal appliance recycling company in Ipswich, offering genuine consumer and environmental benefits.

    We are dedicated to bringing sustainability to natural resources through our proficient appliance recycling services in Ipswich. Get streamlined solutions for disposing of your electronic waste.

    Our EPA-approved facilitation centres professionally accommodate your e-waste collection and extract scrap metal through efficient recycling techniques that are farmed under the policies of regulatory bodies.

    We ensure secure valuation and collection of all your appliances, preventing our esteemed customers from potential risks of breach and scams. We have the right resources that value your unwanted appliances fairly.

    After appliances are collected at our scrap yards, they are recycled using best practices to narrow down the impact of contamination and preserve the resources under the supervision of our expert recyclers.

    Our fully licensed facilities feature unique, state-of-the-art technologies that deliver an impressive quality and quantity of resource recovery.

    How Are Appliances Recycled?

    How Are Appliances Recycled?

    The recycling procedure for appliances can vary based on the type of item. Nonetheless, our typical method for handling these products includes the following stages:

    • Extraction of hazardous substances, like used cooking oil or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), from the appliance. Certain elements, such as mercury, can undergo recycling.
    • Shredding the remaining parts of the appliance into small fragments.
    • Employing a magnetic system and eddy currents to eliminate steel and other metals for sorting purposes.
    • Sorting through any additional materials, such as glass, which can be recycled by returning them to manufacturers.

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