Bad Driving Habits That You Need To Give Up

Bad Driving Habits

Most drivers think they are good at driving, but some bad habits question their driving ability. One must not get carried away by owning a driving license, as it does not permit you to drive just the way you like. 

All drivers must abide by certain restrictions and regulations for the safety of everyone on the road. If one person violates the traffic rules, many others get affected.   

Bad driving habits are responsible for severe accidents, traffic violations and extreme wear and tear on your valued vehicle. In such cases, you will have no choice but to sell your beloved automobile for cash for cars Brisbane.  

Find out in detail about bad driving habits and try to overcome them one at a time to make the roads safer for every driver and pedestrian.   


Over speeding while driving is not a symbol of expert performance; however, it puts your life and the other driver’s life at risk and danger. Driving above the recommended speed limit is the second major cause of road accidents.   

With your bad driving habit of over-speeding, if you are driving above the speed limit, you expand the chances of going off the road and hitting other cars or pedestrians.   


This is one of the most common issues many drivers are used to. It is one of the common bad driving habits that most drivers are seen pulling off. Wearing a seatbelt, especially on a long route, might be uncomfortable, but the purpose of their existence is to prevent you from smashing through your car’s windscreen. 

It is very important to quit this bad habit and wear it first whenever you sit in your vehicle to embark on any journey.   


One of the major causes of car crashes is people not using their indicators at all. The presence of indicators and their use demonstrate your intention to the other drivers. These indicators are a way to communicate while changing lanes, making a U-turn or planning to take a left or right turn.   

Using indicators while driving is very important and a healthy driving habit. It creates a system where the drivers can stay cautious of their next move and plan their move, accordingly, saving each other from any sudden crash.   


The use of mobile phones while driving is now against the law, as many accidents have been reported due to this issue. Driving while using a mobile phone is not only a bad driving habit, but the book of law strictly forbids a person to get involved in this activity or else get ready to face severe consequences.   

Mobiles phones are a source of distraction for drivers, and they can divert the mind, creating higher chances of road accidents. 


Tailgating is the most annoying driving habit one can have. Sometimes, drivers are completely unaware that they’re tailgating, whereas others actively try to pressure drivers until they can speed past.  

Dealing with tailgaters is a difficult task, too, as it can lead to frustration and anger. However, the best advice is to let them pass when it is safe to do so and avoid a confrontation.  


Parking is indeed a challenging task in driving, and many drivers are seen failing. It is very annoying when bad driving and parking habits cause other drivers any problem. Your parked vehicle occupying a second parking lane leaves no space for any other automobile to get placed in between.   

It would help if you learned from the experts how to park while keeping enough room for the other cars to adjust in their parking space.   


Drinking while you drive can be one of the potentially deadly habits that one can have. If a driver is under the influence of even a small amount of alcohol or drugs, it is too dangerous. Alcoholic substances can affect the driving potential and loss of judgement by reducing the brain’s functioning.   

It leaves a driver needing to make reasonable and rational decisions, which are important while travelling. One must quit this bad habit to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.   


Traffic signals and road safety signs are made to protect everyone, including drivers, passengers and pedestrians. They must be abided by everyone seeing them, as any avoidance of following them can become a severe cause of uncertain events.   

One of the bad driving habits includes disregarding the traffic signals, safety signs, and driver as per your choice. The road has rules that can only be purposeful if followed under any circumstances. Road management is driven through these rules, and the rule breakers are charged heavy fines and penalties for handling the traffic.   


If you are caught with any act while driving that is against the law, severe consequences are attached to it. The law has set certain disciplinary actions against the person caught.   

Here are some of the effects of the reckless driving habits:  

  • Fines & Penalties  
  • Negative Points Against Your Driving Record  
  • Higher Insurance Premium
  • Suspended or Revoked Driving License
  • \Mandatory Court Appearance
  • Mandatory Educational Program
  • Jail Time  


If you have the bad driving habits mentioned above, you must quit them for the safety of yourself and others. Your valued vehicle can also perform well if you have good driving skills, as it can be saved up from potential wear and tear.   

However, if you continue to drive with the bad habits you have, there are severe consequences you must bear. 

Last updated on October 25th, 2023 at 04:44 am