Best Cash For Cars Company: Instant Payouts of Real Cash

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Metal Biz is Brisbane’s premier Cash for Cars Company.

We’re environmentally-friendly auto wreckers that offer instant payouts of real cash for old, wrecked and non-roadworthy cars. Keep reading to find out what makes Metal Biz Recyclers your best choice.

6 Reasons to Choose Us As best Company Of Cash For Cars

1. Responsible Car Recycling

Enlisting the services of professional auto wreckers like Metal Biz means that your car is recycled in a responsible manner. You can feel good about knowing you’re doing your bit to reduce your impact on the planet. Recycling scrap metal for commercial use reduces the need to extract metal by mining and thereby causes less energy consumption and fewer greenhouse emissions.

2. Best Price For Your Car

You make money and we get to recycle scrap metal, so it’s a win-win situation. By selling to us you avoid having to waste time and energy by advertising online or in the paper. Plus we give you the best market price depending on the type of vehicle you have. All you need to do is submit an online quote request or give our team a call for a valuation.

3. Instant cash for your car

We don’t just give you the best price for your car, we give you instant cash too. Yes, not a cheque or a deposit, real cash in your hand! In the past, we’ve paid up to $5,000 for old, wrecked and damaged vehicles. We don’t just buy cars either, we’re open to buying 4X4s, trucks and even buses.

4. Convenient Car Removal

When you’ve decided to get rid of your car, you don’t want to have to wait for weeks or months for it to happen. You want it removed right away! Luckily Metal Biz offers a same-day car removal service. So if you ring us in the morning, your car can most likely be removed on the very same day or at least by the next day. We operate across the greater Brisbane region with three scrap yard locations servicing Ipswich to Cleveland, from Caboolture down to the Gold Coast.

5. Stress-free Paperwork

We understand you don’t want unnecessary hassle when selling your car, so we’re not fussy if it’s not registered or you can’t find the rego slip. There is some paperwork involved in the change of ownership but we can help you with that. All we require is a driver’s licence or photo ID for identification.

6. Experienced Car Wreckers

Last but not least, our team is a bunch of friendly customer-service focused professionals. We pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism. Not only are experienced at what we do but also want to make the whole process easy for you.

Enough reasons to give Metal Biz a call? Contact us or jump online for a free quote today!

Last updated on October 9th, 2021 at 01:48 pm