Blokey Weekend Projects Using Old Car Parts

While you could sell your old car or truck to us for parts or scrap metal, upcycling is also becoming a popular option these days.

If you have a few DIY skills, then it’s actually quite surprising what you can come up with when creativity is thrown into the mix. Check out these ideas on how to turn old automotive parts into home decor and garden art.

1. Hubcap Flower Backyard Art

(Image via Country Living)

If the missus feels the garden could do with a touch of garden art then these cheerful hubcap flowers could be just the ticket. All you need is to lever off the old hubcaps and give them a wash with detergent to clean them up. When they’re dry sand off any places that are scuffed or scratched. Then simply give them a spray paint with some brightly coloured paint. To make them into flowers attach ‘stems’ using wooden poles or any broken garden implements like shovel handles and paint them green.

2. Tire Rim Outdoor Seating

(Image via Country Living)

Tire rims can make an excellent alternative to purchasing new outdoor seating. While truck or tractor tyres work best because they’re larger, smaller tyres could be used for kids. Firstly wash and scour the rims with steel wool to get rid of any rust. Next, give them a coat of suitable primer. When this is dry spray paint the rim with your desired colour. The seat cover is made by cutting out a circle of plywood to fit on top of the rim. If the rim is bent or uneven you may have to trim it to size. Cut out a circle of foam to go on top and then place material over the top and staple it to the wood. Cut off the excess material for a clean finish and place on the rim to complete the seat.

3. License Plate Decor

(Image via Country Living)

If you’re one of those people who likes to collect license plates then here’s a few great uses for them:

  • Attach them to the steps of a small wooden ladder to give you a whole new shelving unit for a narrow space
  • Affix them on top of an uninspiring wooden table to make automotive-themed furniture
  • Repurpose them as clipboards for the kitchen to hold receipts, bills or shopping lists

(Image via Recycle Nation)

4. Car Parts BBQ Grill Stand

(Image via Popular Mechanics)

Sometimes it can be hard saying goodbye to an old car. Throughout the passing years it’s become so much more than a car, it’s well, like a friend. But if you repurpose its parts, say by adding them to a BBQ, it’s like you’re not really saying goodbye. As this photo suggests, this jeep was very well loved and its parts have now given this pallet BBQ a lot more personality.

5. Backyard Truck Playground

(Image via Popular Mechanics)

An old car or truck lying around on your backyard is not a good look, except when you can turn it into an imaginative playground for the kids. Case in point is this 1953 Chevy truck which has taken on a new lease of life in this garden plot. Though it has seen better days, it now features garden seating, a BBQ under the bonnet and a wooden step up into the back tray. Perhaps it’s an idea for an old beloved ute you can’t bear to part with?


If you prefer to keep your garden automobile free we’ll happily take it off your hands for recycling. Contact Metal Biz today for a quote or fill in our online form!