Brisbane Repurposed Scrap Metal Artists

Incredible artworks and scrap metal sculptures that will inspire and amaze you!

From steampunk clocks to futuristic droids, hanging art installations, and seaside shapes, we take a look at the intricacies of metal and the wonders of recycling it:

1. Michael Vagg

Michael Vagg is an artist who works with scrap metal that has been salvaged from recyclers and demolition yards. Inspired by the local environment, memories, and personal experiences, his work touches on themes of transition and transformation. As the PR contact for Reverse Garbage in Woolloongabba and a finalist in the 2015/16 Brisbane City Council Recycling Art Competition, Michael is an expert at transforming ordinary waste into awe-inspiring sculptures.

(Artwork: Steampunk Garnishes by Deb Magee | Photo via BrisStyle)

2. Deb Magee

Deb Magee is a sculptor, tinkerer, and the founder of Lady Brass Steampunk Garnishes, a small jewelry and accessories brand based in Brisbane. Deb’s sculptures are inspired by the Steampunk genre, a science fiction movement that incorporates technology, 19th-century Victorian objects, and retro-futuristic style. A self-proclaimed ‘bowerbird’, she uses quirky scrap metal pieces in her work, like Victorian clock cogs, vintage keys, door ornaments, and old compass parts.

(Artwork: ‘Spintikin Gothic’ by Doug Kwok | Photo via Doug Kwok)

3. Doug Kwok

Doug Kwok is a self-taught scrap metal artist with many different skills. From hammer forming to metal casting, metal smithing, and gas fusion welding, he utilises a wide range of tools to create bizarre robo-mechanical creatures, hybrid animals, droids, and macabre scrap metal sculptures. His work is incredibly intricate and has been featured in exhibitions all over Brisbane.

(Artwork: ’18 days in Broken Hill’ by Miles Allen | Photo via Miles Allen)

4. Miles Allen

Miles Allen is a mixed media artist and painter who works with a variety of found objects to create geometrical artworks and scrap metal installations. Using rusted metal caps, wire, old dishes, corrugated iron, and other scrap metal pieces salvaged from mining towns, Miles is well known for his artist’s residency and scrap metal exhibition at the Broken Hill Art Exchange. His work can currently be seen at the Mater Private Hospital and the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

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