How you can make cash and help the environment?

Save the Environment and Make Money

You probably already know that selling your car for scrap can be a good way to recoup some of the money you’ve outlaid on it over the years because the materials it’s made of can be reused for other purposes. But you might not know that turning your dead car into money can also help the environment: while you’re reaping the benefits of fast cash, you’re also contributing to a sustainable and healthy planet!

Dumping dead cars is a huge cause of pollution and help the environment. Car bodies contain loads of chemicals from petrol, coolants, transmission fluids and battery acid: and when they haven’t been properly disposed of, toxic chemicals can leach into waterways, poison wildlife, and even combust and cause bushfires!

Reducing pollution:

The cost of removing and disposing of dumped rubbish is also an economic burden, so selling your scrap car for cash not only gives you your money back, but it also prevents you from burdening the wider society (and yourself) with unnecessary taxes and putting workers and other people in danger. And even when your scrap car is ‘responsibly’ dumped, it still ends up in landfill, so it’s contributing to a global problem and the value it has simply gone to waste. Efficiently recycling your car body pays you back twice: it reduces your contribution to help the environment damage and conserves natural resources while giving you a fistful of cold hard cash—what’s not to love?

Reducing the impact of metal production:

Primary metal production has a huge impact on the environment. It consumes mineral resources, results in land degradation caused by mining, uses heaps of water, produces lots of greenhouse emissions which influences climate change, and consumes tonnes of fuel for transportation throughout the whole production cycle.

Recycling scrap metals helps to conserve natural resources and reduce the impact of sourcing and producing metals from scratch: in recycling, there’s no drilling for ore or refining processes as there are in creating metal from raw materials. It also takes a lot less energy to recycle scrap metals than it does to produce them— recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than sourcing it from raw materials, and recycling steel uses 60% less—so the pollution resulting from manufacturing is reduced.

There’s another little-known economic benefit of recycling scrap metal: it creates more jobs than disposing of it in landfill does. So while you get your cash for your scrap car, you’re not only helping the environment, you’re helping to keep more people at work and to boost the economy!

The more we can avoid producing metal from raw materials, the better—and one of the best ways to do it is to recycle your scrap car. Your car may be comprised of any number of metals that have value, and when you sell it for scrap, it becomes a renewable resource that can be used to produce many other items.

Reusing scrap metal:

When it’s put in the right hands, your burnt-out car is full of environmentally friendly potential. The metals in your car body are valuable and reusable, and when you sell it to the right dealers, they can be responsibly recycled and used to make new products.

Metals have a limitless lifespan: they can be broken and melted down and reconstructed into a new product of the same quality as their original form. Your scrap car may contain ferrous metals like steel and iron, or non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminium, stainless steel and brass, all of which can be recycled repeatedly without losing their quality.
Once these metals are collected, they are shredded in an industrial shredder and sorted from other materials by sifting or using magnets. They are then melted in a blast furnace and purified and poured into moulds for use in other products. Because they can be shaped in any way, there’s virtually no limit to what can be made out of your car body’s scrap metals—so you can be assured that when you sell it, it will go to good use, and you’ll be containing the wastage and promoting help the environment sustainability.

Responsible Help The Environment And Scrap Metal Recycling:

Not all scrap dealers are equal: to guarantee that your scrap car will be used in an environmentally friendly responsible way, your service provider must meet certain industry and government standards to show that they comply with stringent regulations for sustainable practice.

At MetalBiz, we abide by the scrap metal Industry Code of Compliance, and the
Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association’s Code of Ethics and system of best practice, to deliver the highest environmental and quality standards in scrap metal recycling. In our practice, we demonstrate our commitment to the environment, sustainability, and the health of the community: our team is made up of industry experts who use resources efficiently and practice safely and responsibly.

And because of our expertise, we can give you the best value for your scrap car, as well as understand your service needs, including removal and collection.

So if you’re looking to make cash for scrap cars in Brisbane, and to do something positive for the environment at the same time, contact us now.