Things To Look Out For When Choosing One

Things To Look Out For When Choosing One

There are a few things you should always consider when you choose car scrappers to dispose of your car wrecker, old or undrivable car.

Car scrapping is a great way to dispose of your old vehicles in return for some cash. Here are a few things to keep in mind, when you look for the best disposal methods.

1.The Legitimacy Of Your Chosen Car Scrappers

The nearest car scrapper is just one internet search away. However, doing your due diligence will ensure that your vehicle is actually being disposed of the way you want it to be. What’s more, reputable car scrappers will likely be able to offer you competitive prices for your scrap metal.

That means you get paid more for making the most responsible, informed decision!

2. Are Your Car Scrappers Environmentally Conscious?

This is one of the first and most crucial questions you should ask yourself.

Find out as much as you can about the methods your car scrappers undertake in the car disposal process. In the midst of a climate crisis, we should all be hyper-aware of our waste disposal methods. It’s important that we all do our part by doing research into where our waste ultimately settles.

If this information isn’t readily available on their website or at their premises, it is well worth asking them this question directly. While recycling metal is a great way to lessen your environmental impact and conserve natural resources, not every part of your vehicle can be disposed of in the same way.

Vehicles also contain several toxic components that, when improperly handled, can be released and absorbed by the environment. This can offset the eco-friendly decision you made in the first place to recycle your car, by causing an equally negative environmental impact.

Look out for car scrappers that promote de-pollution processes. Recyclers like Metal Biz possess a green tick and an ARCtick license. They economically and efficiently remove all potential pollutants from your vehicle, including antifreeze, car batteries, and even air conditioner parts. After these components are carefully recycled, discarded, and reused, they break down the body of your vehicle.

Not only do they ensure that no component of the recycling or disposal process causes unnecessary harm to the environment, but they also make it a point to educate people on the importance of these processes. They make raising awareness about safe recycling methods a priority.

3. What Services Do You Require From Your Car Scrappers?

If your car is undriveable or was in a car accident, it’s likely to be a hassle to move. Depending on your circumstances, it will be incredibly helpful if your chosen car scrappers provide pickup services.

Metal Biz arranges vehicle pickups as follows:

  •  Free pickup across the greater Brisbane area
  • Same-day pickup if your request is submitted before 2:00 PM
  • Flexible pickup location: This means the vehicle doesn’t necessarily need to be on your premises. They can pick your wrecked car up from an accident site, from the middle of a field or straight from the garage.

In addition to these scrap car pickup services, Metal Biz also offers a competitive price for the value of your scrap metal. Their weighbridge, which is council-tested, ensures fair pricing.

Further, Metal Biz provides hands-on help with the paperwork involved in selling your car to a metal recycler. Each service offered by Metal Biz ensures that the car scrapping process is as hassle-free as possible and is just one phone call away.

Now That You’ve Chosen Your Car Scrappers, What Do You Do?

This is likely to vary depending on your car scrapper’s processes.

If your car scrappers are anything like Metal Biz, however, the process is simple. All you need to do is give Metal Biz Recyclers a call and they’ll pick your car up from your location. They will then give you cash for your vehicle and help you with the paperwork to transfer the registration of your car. It’s as easy as that.

If you want to get in touch with us, our branch locations and numbers are as follows:

Rocklea Weighbridge branch: 07 3274 4664

Geebung Weighbridge branch: 07 3633 0108

Slacks Creek branch: 07 3290 1716



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