Cash for Cans | How to Recycle Aluminium Cans for Cash

Cash for Cans | How to Recycle Aluminium Cans for Cash

Aluminium is the second most widely used metal in the world today, so recycling is important.

If you ever find your house is full of aluminium cans like beer cans, soft drinks or energy drinks cans. You can always take them to the scrap yard and change the aluminium cans for cash. Aluminium cans scrap price depends on the scrap metals yard in the area. Check out this article to learn more about making money from your aluminium cans.

What is Aluminium?

What is Aluminium?This is a skip metal that is silvery-white in colour. Aluminium is the 13th element on the periodic table, and its symbol is Al. What most people don’t know about aluminium is that it is the most abundant mineral on earth. It makes up almost 8% of the earth’s core mass, and it is ranked number three in the most common chemical element on planet earth. It comes after oxygen and silicon. The only downside is the fact that aluminium does to occur naturally in nature. It must bind with other elements in nature. Aluminium sulphates are the most common form of sulphate that can be found on the planet.



What’s the Price of Aluminium Cans?

Aluminium is the most common chemical element on this planet. People always don’t see the importance of their trash and the need for recycling. Did you know that you can recycle cans for cash? The aluminium can scrap price is higher than cast metal, and it is sold in terms of Kgs. Although, copper is the most expensive metal on scrap car removal. Aluminium is sold at $0.20 to $1.50 per kilo. You can change aluminium cans for cash and get some extra dollars.


Why Should We Recycle Aluminium Cans?

Aluminium Cans

  • Saves energy

Aluminium production takes a lot of energy which can be saved by recycling. Refining of aluminium metals is done using the hall method. Although, the method is faster and inexpensive as compared to refining aluminium from bauxite. The process requires a lot of energy before you get the best-refined aluminium that can be used. You end up using a lot of electricity to produce enough aluminium.

  • Reduction of waste and mining impacts

The mining of aluminium can cause environmental impacts. When mining for any mineral, the miners dig and drill tunnels to get to the minerals. This is the same way aluminium mining is done. Mining makes the environment look ugly since it is filled with tunnels.

Additionally, when you are mining, there are a lot of wastes that are disposed to the environment friendly. This destroys the beautiful, gorgeous scenery of nature. When aluminium is recycled the less, it will need to be mined, and this can save the environment and maintain the beautiful vegetation.

  • Reduction of production of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide

Aluminium production using the hall process requires the current to pass through some electrodes. The reaction between the electrode and the molten alumina produce high amounts of carbon dioxide. Although aluminium is produced using this method. The production of carbon dioxide is a lot, and it is released into the atmosphere, and it causes global warming. Recycling of aluminium cans can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced in a day. This helps save and protect the environment.

Where to Sell Recycled Cans?

Sell Recycled Cans

Most people have heard of aluminium can recycling and the idea of making money from what they had considered trash. However, they get stuck on where to sell recycled cans. You can always sell them to a scrap yard where they take other metals and plastic. Look for a scrap yard near your area and plan a day to take your cans. You can crush the cans to ensure they don’t take up a lot of space in your truck. There is a theory that people say that a crushed can weighs more than a normal can. You can crash the cans to prove how true this theory is and change your aluminium cans to cash.



Aluminium can recycling is not only great for the environment but also a great source of extra cash. You can collect as many cans as you can and take them to a scrap yard to get the extra dollars.


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