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Why Do We Pay Top Cash For Copper In Brisbane

Copper is one of the most valuable and versatile non-ferrous metal in the market. It can be recycled almost indefinitely, which is why nearly 75% of Copper products are created from recycled Copper, with the exception of Copper wires.

Using recycled Copper greatly reduces the energy expenditure and emission of harmful gasses compared to other methods such as mining, refining, smelting, etc.

Because of Copper’s wide applications in various industries, it helps manufacturers by reducing both production costs and decreasing carbon footprint.

If you have access to some Copper scraps, you are in luck. We offer the highest cash for Copper in all of Brisbane. So, don’t wait around; call us today for a FREE quote.

Cash For Copper Brisbane

For The Best Prices, Sell Your Copper Scraps To Us

Compared to other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Copper has the highest prices compared to all other scrap metals. With MetalBiz, one of Brisbane’s most reliable scrap metal dealers, you will receive the highest price possible for your scraps.

We can purchase a large number of Copper scraps and arrange convenient and easy pickup from your worksite or home.

Copper prices tend to fluctuate daily and depend on the grade of metal you are trying to sell us. If you are; looking for an estimated value for your scraps, the best way is to apply for our FREE quote.

We will create a personalized quote that will take into account the size and type of waste and make you a reliable offer.

The table below can act as a guide to help you understand the types of metal scraps there are and how their prices vary.

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No matter the scrap type, you are guaranteed the best price always with MetalBiz.

Applications Of Copper Across Various Industries


Because of its various attributes, it has many uses in today’s society. Copper is an efficient conductor of electricity and heat. Additionally, its flexible, strong, and durable; hence, it can be used in many things and is resistant to corrosion.

Becasue of its many useful qualities, Copper plays a key part in many technological advancements, especially in the electric industry and telegraphic communication.

All of the products mentioned above have Copper in the form of wires, electrical leads, adapters, transformers, motors and more. Moreover, Copper is also used in the agricultural sectors to preserve some wood and protect crops.

Why Recycle Scrap Copper?

Recycle Scrap Copper

Reasons To Choose MetalBiz As Your Trusted Scrap Metal Recycler

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