Safety, Sustainability, And Highest Cash For Metals

We specialize in processing and recycling a wide range of scrap metals from various sources and pay customers instant cash.

We also offer the following:

  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Single Point Of Contact
  • 14+ Years Of Experience
  • Customized Procedures To Suit Every Customer’s Needs
  • Wide range of bins
  • QLD-wide Presence
  • Processes carried out according to National Waste Policy

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    A Leading Metal Recycling Company That Pays You Top Cash For Metals

    Cash For Metals
    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us?

    Our Services

    Sell Your Scrap Metal
    Sell Your Scrap Metal For Cash

    Get top cash for metals, no matter the type. We offer customers a fair deal every time!

    Containers Available Of All Shapes And Sizes
    Containers Available Of All Shapes And Sizes

    We cater to you no matter the quantity of your waste. Whether you are cleaning out your garage or removing industrial wastes, we have the right bin for you.

    Remove Your Wastes QLD
    We Remove Your Wastes From All Over QLD

    Our trucks are always ready to remove your bins as per the schedule. Moreover, if you want to drop in your scrap metal, our scrap yards can be found in Rocklea, Geebung, and Slacks Creek.

    Benefit From Our Vast Trade Network Of Clients

    MetalBiz deals nationally and internationally in all types of scrap metals. Our vast network of clients makes it easy for us to purchase a varieties of metals and pay customers top prices for their waste.

    We purchase scrap metal from various sources, such as

    Benefit From Our Vast Trade Network Of Clients

    Manufacturing Scraps

    Bin drop-offs and pickups are available from your location from anywhere in QLD.

    Tradesmen Wastes

    Earn cash for metals from your job site. Now you can safely dispose of your metal wastes and get paid too.

    Commercial Junk Vehicles

    We buy a fleet of unwanted, scrap, and junk vehicles. You can sell us all shapes and sizes of commercial cars for cash.

    Demolition Site Wastes

    Demolition sites contain a lot of usable metals. That’s why we provide onsite waste bins that you can use to dispose of scrap metal and earn cash accordingly.

    Municipal Wastes

    Whether renovating or spring cleaning, you can use our waste metals bins to dump your scrap metal waste.

    Home Appliances

    We bulk purchase your second-hand appliances. Get in touch to know more.

    Whatever type of scrap metal you have, we offer same-day removal services. Call now, and our trucks will arrive at your location as scheduled by you.

    Why Recycle Metal For Cash?

    Recycling metal replaces the need for virgin metal. When we reuse the already present scrap metal, this, in turn, diminishes the need to use natural resources. And because metal can be recycled many times without losing its property, it’s the best material to be reused.

    Recycling has many benefits, it can help save money by reducing the need to dig for metal ores, and it can help offset your business’ CO2 emissions.

    Types Of Scrap Metals That We Recycle At MetalBiz

    Types Of Scrap Metals

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