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MetalBiz Offers Top Cash For Radiator Scraps

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How Much Are Radiators Are Worth

How Much Are Radiators Are Worth

Types Of Radiators We Buy At MetalBiz

At MetalBiz, we purchase three basic types of Radiators

Copper Brass Radiators
Copper Brass Radiators

This is mainly a brass radiator with a copper cooling fan and brass tanks. These radiators perform better than aluminium radiators and have bigger tubes for maximum surface areas.

Moreover, because brass and copper are both expensive metals, sellers can get top rates for these Radiators.

Aluminum Radiators
Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium Radiators are made up of pure metal and free of ferrous metals, plastics, or other impurities. These are mostly found in vehicles and air conditioners.

These tend to heat up a lot quicker than any other types of Radiators and also provide an extremely high heat output, making them ideal to be used as at-home heaters.

Aluminum Copper Radiators
Aluminium Copper Radiators

These Radiators consist of aluminium bases with copper cooling lines. It is mostly used in air conditioning unit condensers. They mostly come with iron brackets, so if you can remove them before selling, you will surely receive top cash for Radiators.

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Sell Your Unwanted Radiators

Significance Of Recycling Radiators

Significance Of Recycling Radiators

So, don’t let your unwanted Radiator rust in your backyard. Call us today, and we will come to you and pick up your waste within a day.

Meet The Growing Demand For Metal

Nowadays, there is an increased demand for aluminium, steel, tin, copper, brass and more. These metals are used in industries, innovative technologies, infrastructures, etc. Hence, reusing these resources instead of extracting them can fill the high demand without harming the environment.

Saves Energy

Recycling is an economical way to reuse available resources. Extracting the metal from ores requires a large expenditure of energy, but recycling them uses only a fraction of this energy. And because recycling doesn’t affect the properties of these metals, it’s the best and most efficient choice.

Saves The Environment For Future Generations

Recycling and reintroducing these scrap metals back into the economy in the form of new product help the environment. Recycling uses less energy and also releases fewer greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

So, don’t let your unwanted Radiator rust in your backyard. Call us today, and we will come to you and pick up your waste within a day.

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