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    Cash for Unregistered Car Brisbane

    A Reliable Cash for Unregistered Car Company In Brisbane

    Driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and considered an offence in Australia. 

    Do you know that in some states, the penalty for driving an Unregistered Vehicle far exceeds the Registration fees?

    Shocking! No? 

    The only intention is to discourage people from driving Unregistered Vehicles since they aren’t insured. And hence, a threat on the road. That’s the reason why many car sellers struggle with getting a decent Cash for Unregistered Cars in Brisbane.  

    However, with Metal Biz, you need not get worried!

    You can easily sell your vehicle, registered or not. We are a professional and fully licensed Unregistered Car Buyer providing free car removal service. 

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    Options To Sell An Unregistered Car or Truck

    There are primarily two ways you can sell your unregistered vehicle in Brisbane:

    Registering and Selling Privately

    First you need to register your car online through the Queensland Government Driving and Transport Department. Next, you can go ahead and sell it privately through newspaper advertisements, online platforms, or local car dealers.

    Sell an Unregistered Car From Home with Us

    A convenient way to escape the hassle of self-registration or advertisement is by choosing Cash for Unregistered Car Brisbane Service. We abide by all the government requirements to ensure your unwanted vehicle is taken care of in the best way possible.

     Whether you own an unregistered old or junk car, get your Free Quote Today.

    How To Check Your Registration Status?

    Not sure of the Registration status? 

    Want to confirm it before you decide to sell your cars for cash? Try any of the methods below:

    • Now verify your vehicle’s registration online. 
    • The best is yet to come. You can also download the free QLD Rego Check mobile app using iTunes or Google Play. And, check the status anytime, anywhere.
    • You can call the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 23 80.
    • Check through the Registration Documents as include the due date. So, you can refer them when you paid last time.
    Vehicle Registration Status QLD

    Documents Required  For Registration

    Download the vehicle registration application (F3518). And if it’s your first time, you will also need to complete a new customer application (F3503).

    You can also visit a nearby Transport and Motoring Service Centre instead of completing the online application.

    Following is the complete checklist of documents you need to complete the process:

    • An original copy of the safety certificate or certificate of inspection:
    • An Evidence of the vehicle’s garage address (F4362) or complete the Queensland garage address statement form (F4408).
    • An Evidence of your identity. Eg. your current driver’s licence
    • Vehicle registration fees
    • Vehicle registration duty unless exempt.
    • A licensed insurer’s original CTP insurance certificate (6 or 12-month registration period). This is also mandatory before legally driving it on the road.
    Rego Certificate

    When Will You Get The Rego?

    Car owners get the Rego Certificate in the following scenarios: 

    • A vehicle is registered for the first time
    • A vehicle’s registration is transferred
    • A vehicle’s registration period is varied at renewal (due to over or underpayment)
    • Common due date vehicles are renewed
    • Any changes to your registration, insurance provider, number plates or vehicle details.

    Receive Top Cash for Expired Registration Vehicles

    You might probably have previously registered the vehicle, which has expired now.

    You will receive a notification around 4 weeks before it expires.  And, if you don’t have the time, then it’s okay.

    We guarantee to pay cash for scrap cars even with expired registrations.

    Top Cash for Unregistered Cars QLD

    Enjoy Free Car Removal

    So your vehicle has expired registration but is otherwise in perfect running condition?

    Well, you still aren’t authorized to drive it. And the only option to move it is through a Registered Tow Truck.

    That’s pretty much the reason why it is important to find a Free Car Removal Company like us. This ensures that you don’t need to pay extra for your unregistered car towing when you sell it.

    Request Cash for Unregistered Cars In Brisbane Today

    Request Cash for Unregistered Cars In Brisbane Today

    It’s completely okay if your car, truck or SUV isn’t registered. 

    Now, it is not impossible to sell an unwanted car without proper documentation or valid or expired registration. In the case of private selling, you need to do a lot of hassle. So, why not skip all the hard work and choose the easy way? 

    Call us today to book your appointment and get top Cash for Unregistered Cars in Brisbane.

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