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Components of a Car That Damage the Environment

Components of a Car

While over 70 % of an old car can be recycled, the other 30 %, called ‘flock’, is sent to landfills. The flock consists of non-metallic components like plastics, fabric, foam, glass, etc. While research is ongoing to reduce the amount of flock in landfills, auto recycling does at least remove the hazardous components of […]

What Happens to Recycled Scrap Metal?

Scrap Metal Recyclers

Scrap metal recycling is a well-established industry both here in Australia and overseas. Firms that are involved in the industry recover recycled scrap metals such as iron, copper, zinc, aluminium and lead, amongst others. These get made into new usable materials suitable for the local and overseas construction and manufacturing market. Find out more about […]

Innovations in Truck Recycling

Innovations in Truck Recycling

Recycling trucks have adopted innovative technologies in collecting garbage and recycling, so solid wastes and recycling industries can offer a better quality of life to the communities and neighbourhoods they serve Some of these innovations are simple, such as making them less fuel dependent, but others are more complex and therefore innovative, such as emitting […]

Benefits of recycling trucks

Benefits of recycling trucks

It is well known that, when you recycle, the costs of production, waste collection, landfill and incineration drop. It also helps families, communities and companies to save money, as well the earth to save energy. Well-designed recycling programs are incredibly important. Communities have many recycling options available to make their programs more cost-effective by, for […]

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