Clean Up Australia Day 2016

Clean Up Australia Day is the biggest community participation event in Australia. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the nation-wide campaign, which aims to inspire and motivate people to clean up their local area, conserve the environment and recycle their waste. We take a look at some of last year’s stats and explain how you can get involved this year on Sunday 6th March 2016.

Let’s make Queensland the cleanest

Recent statistics show that Queensland is the 2nd worst state when it comes to littering and waste pollution, closely followed by New South Wales, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, with Tasmania taking out the number one spot for the worst pollution.

With some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, coral reefs, waterways, bushland and community parks, it’s disappointing to see that Queensland ranks so low. We have 15% more litter than the national average and the waste on our beaches seems to be only increasing, with a 100% increase in general litter volume from last year.

So where does all of this rubbish come from?

According to a rubbish breakdown (based on 152 Clean Up Australia sites in 2015) our rubbish is made up of:

— rubber = 1%<
— wood = 2%
— polystyrene = 5%
— glass = 12%
— metal = 13%
— paper = 13%
— miscellaneous = 13%
— plastics = 41%

The areas that were the most polluted in 2015 were parkways (22%), and waterways/beaches (32%). In Queensland, the most common rubbish items found were soft ALUMINIUM drink cans, cigarette butts, bottle caps, plastic bags, chip packets, confectionary wrappers, sanitary items, glass bottles, and individual pieces of broken glass — all items which can be easily recycled in your household collection bin.

Volunteer clean up

In 2015, there were an estimated 536,423 volunteers involved in Clean Up Australia day at 7,232 different sites. From community playgrounds to sports fields, school yards and highway strips, you can easily find a Clean Up site near you by visiting the Clean Up Australia website. Collectively, over the past 25 years, Australians have committed to over 27.2 million hours of rubbish clean up and collected over 288,650 tonnes of waste. Recycling your waste reduces your carbon footprint, protects the environment, and saves money. So why not do your part this year on Sunday 6th of March?

Just remember to wear some rubber gloves, take a Clean Up Kit, and be aware of safety issues, like used needles, rusty metals, chemicals, and other hazardous waste!

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Images by Clean Up Australia Day.