Demolition Videos: Just for Fun

Nothing lasts forever, including skyscrapers, monumental casinos, and grand sports stadiums.

From awe-inspiring detonations to botched implosions and explosions, we take a look at some of the most spectacular demolition videos on the internet!

1. The Landmark Tower, Texas

Thirty stories high and the tallest building in the city until 1974, The Landmark Tower was one of the tallest buildings to ever be demolished!

2. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida

Feast your eyes on the dazzling, synchronised demolition of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Set to music, this video is simply epic!

3. Marble Falls, Texas

Watch the largest bridge explosion in Texas history in glorious slow motion.

4. New Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas

In true Las Vegas style, watch as fireworks shoot out of the windows and the New Frontier Hotel goes out with a bang.

5. Implosionworld Demolition Compilation

Curated by Implosionworld, this destruction compilation is truly a work of art. It features well over 100 structures explosively demolished and was originally produced for an exhibition in Amsterdam.

6. Building Implosion Fail, Australia

This wouldn’t be a true demolition video collection without at least one monster explosion fail! In this video, an Aussie demolition team are left red-faced after the building they were try to destroy in Redbank is stuck leaning to one side.

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