DIY projects using old tyres

Here at Metal Biz we do our bit to keep old tyres out of landfill, but you can help the environment too by recycling them to use around your home.

Old tyres are one of the most re-used waste materials in the world thanks to the resilient nature of rubber. So check out these creative ways to use old tyres for your next DIY project.

Tyre Swing for Your Kids

This tyre swing looks so cool that you’ll have all the neighbours’ kids wanting one. All you need is an old tyre, some paint, a drill, nuts & bolts and some lengths of chain. It can be hung on an existing swing set or from a tree, whatever works. Painting the tyre helps protect kids’ clothing from getting black marks and keeps it cooler to sit on; black after all does attract the heat. You may want to drill holes in the bottom of the tyre to let any rainwater drain out.

Get the full tutorial here.

Tyre Pond for the Garden

Fancy doing a spot of landscaping? An old tyre can be the perfect vessel for a cool garden pond as it is durable and waterproof. This project doesn’t require much in the way of DIY skills but you will need a scroll saw. Simply dig a hole big enough for the tyre, place some sand on the bottom and level it before placing the tyre on top. Cut off the edge of the tyre with the scroll saw to make it wider. Clean out any sharp stones then place garden foil in the tyre for the water. Hold the edges of the foil by placing large stones around the edge of the pond. Now all you need are some fish.

Get the full tutorial here.

Tyre Planters for the Fence

This is another DIY project that doesn’t require too many handyman skills. You don’t even need to paint the tyre, this cool planter can be hung as is on the fence. But you may want to brush up on your gardening know-how if you want to keep your plants or herbs alive. The only thing you need to do is to drill around 10 holes in the bottom of the tyre before you fill it with soil. This acts as drainage and lets the soil breathe. For an eye popping arrangement, choose bright flowers that will stand out against the black tyre such as white, pink, orange or red.

Get the tutorial here.

Tyre Mini Gardens

If you don’t have a suitable fence for a tyre planter, but you do have a sunny backyard, then why not create a mini veggie garden using multiple tyres? Small garden beds don’t need as much water as large ones and the heat from the tyre helps the plants to grow and thrive. Cherry tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, capsicums, and herbs are all ideal plants for tyre gardens!