Does your old car cost too much to repair? Here’s what to do.

Does your old car cost too much to repair Here’s what to do

The Old Car Cost Too Much To Repair

We all know that feeling when we develop an emotional attachment to our cars, no matter how run-down they may be.

Cars can be associated with significant points in our lives – like your first car when moving out of home, the car you bought when starting a family, the one you had the best road trips in or even your first kiss.

But there comes a time when we have to put our foot down and realize that the one seatbelt that pops out at any given moment isn’t the cute quirk of an old, faithful friend; it’s a safety hazard. Furthermore, when you add up the figures and realize that you’re spending more on repairs than you would on a monthly loan for a new car, it may be time to retire your trusted vehicle to car heaven.

It’s Not All Bad News!

If you have a little tear in your eye while thinking about giving away your car, the symbol of many memories and experiences, try looking at it this way – you’re giving your car a completely new life!

Que, Metal Biz

Metal Biz buy old, damaged and unregistered cars and break down and recycle the metal parts, allowing somebody to create something new! Better still, Metal Biz do all of this in a safe, environmentally friendly way. They aim to use all parts of your car that can be recycled to reduce waste.

There are many harmful chemicals in your car which, if disposed of irresponsibly, can be damaging to both the environment and people. Metal Biz make sure that all chemicals are isolated and dealt with in a way that leaves a minimum impact on the environment.

Get Cash For Your Car

The best part about selling your old car to Metal Biz is that they give cash in hand – with values of up to $5000! Metal Biz will also buy your old 4WD’s, buses and trucks.

There’s no need for a registration certificate either – just a photo ID. They’ll even pick you up from your house.

Don’t Get Stuck Dishing Out More Money Than Your Car Is Worth

If you need to replace any of the following in your old car, this is how much it could set you back:

  • Cylinder: upwards of $8000 in repairs
  • Engine: approximately $4000 to replace
  • Transmission: easily $4000 to replace
  • Airbags: approximately $1000 to $2000 to replace

To put this into perspective, you could buy a 2013 Mitsubishi Mirage with just 2,812 km on the odometer for only $10,000. That’s only $2000 more than what it would cost to put new cylinders in your old car cost, and this car was only made 3 years ago!

There are great deals available on new and used cars via websites such as, and If you think you’re paying too much for repairs, hop online and compare your prices.

Making The Decision

If you decide to sell your old car cost and want a no-fuss, quick and simple transaction, call Metal Biz to arrange cash for cars Brisbane deal. They’ll take care of all the paperwork, and you’ll receive immediate cash. Finally, you can rest assured that your old car will be put to better use.

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 04:40 am