Easily Sell An Unregistered Car, Instant Cash Payouts

Easily Sell An Unregistered Car, Instant Cash Payouts

You can easily sell an unregistered car in Brisbane of any make, any model and in any condition.

So if you can’t find the rego slip, it’s not roadworthy or too expensive to repair, call Metal Biz Recyclers, all we require is a driver’s licence or photo ID.

Finding someone to buy your unregistered car can be difficult. You need to take out an ad online or in the local newspaper to attract buyers, and it can take a long time to sell this way. Buyers are picky and, more likely than not, are unwilling to pay you what your car is worth.

Metal Biz is a better option because you can get an instant cash payout for your unregistered car. In fact, we’re the BEST company to choose when selling your unregistered car, not just for cash in the hand (which is always good since we pay top dollar) but for a number of other reasons too.

We offer a free car collection service!

Once we know you have an unregistered car you want to sell to us for cash, you can take advantage of our removal service. This is absolutely free to our customers and we cover all of South-East Queensland from our three branches – Rocklea, Geebung and Slacks Creek.

The removal is scheduled at a convenient time for you, and we not only remove unregistered cars but 4WDs, trucks and buses. Depending on when you call (usually before 2 pm), you can expect a same-day removal.

We provide responsible car recycling!

Unlike other companies of Cash for Cars in Brisbane, we have both the facilities and the passion for responsible car recycling. We have the equipment necessary to remove the substances that can harm the environment such as petrol, engine oil and brake fluid. Protecting Brisbane’s waterways is one of our key concerns which is why we’ve invested in water run-off protection.

We offer the best cash prices!

We can offer you the best price for your car because we process cars on-site for scrap metal on-site. In the past, we’ve paid up to $8,999 and that’s real cash, not a cheque or a direct deposit.

Are you interested in turning your unregistered car into cash? Call Metal Biz on 1300 scrap car or get free online cash for cars to quote today to find out how we can help you.

Last updated on October 11th, 2021 at 10:12 am