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    We Recycle all Electronic Wastes at Metalbiz

    Our daily lives now revolve around electronic devices. However, these gadgets become e-waste when their useful lives are over. The trash type that is expanding the quickest worldwide is e-waste. It causes environmental and health risks if not managed properly. At our scrap yard and recycling facilities, we’re ready to handle all kinds of electronic devices. We make sure to recycle every component responsibly, no matter its value. Plus, we’re proud to have ISO 45001 & R2 certifications, showing our commitment to high environmental standards.

    We offer comprehensive services when it comes to e-waste recycling Brisbane,. Our state-of-the-art recycling facility is equipped with the latest technology to handle various types of electronic devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, and more. With us, you can trust that nothing goes to waste, and you’re helping the environment too!

    We Recycle all Electronic Wastes at Metalbiz

    Impacts of E-Waste and Metalbiz’s Role in its Management

    E-waste has several effects, including

    It’s important to manage e-waste correctly to keep our environment clean and protect our health. Recycling e-waste helps us reuse valuable materials like gold and copper, which reduces the need to dig up more resources from the earth. It also stops harmful chemicals from polluting our environment. At Metalbiz, we make sure to recycle electronics waste responsibly. We take old devices and turn them into new products, keeping our environment safe and saving precious resources.

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    Why Choose Metalbiz for Electronical Waste Disposal?

    Now You Can Secure All Your Electronic Destruction with Metalbiz

    Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking

    All our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking for added security during transportation.

    Certificate of Destruction

    Certificate of Destruction

    After each service, Metalbiz provides a certificate of destruction to ensure proper documentation of the disposal process.

    Environmental Responsibility

    Environmental Responsibility

    By recycling your old electronics with Metalbiz, you contribute to reducing e-waste pollution and conserving valuable resources.

    Data Security

    Data Security

    We prioritize data security and ensure that all sensitive information stored on electronic devices is securely erased before recycling.

    Learn Some E Waste Facts with Metalbiz

    Learn Some E-Waste Facts with Metalbiz

    • Australians generate approximately 20 kilograms of e-waste per person each year, making responsible disposal crucial.
    • Despite the prevalence of electronic devices in households, only 23% of Australians recycle them.
    • In Australia, little more than half of all e-waste is collected, and 80 percent of it is recycled using low-efficiency methods. This implies that priceless materials included in e-waste, such cobalt and lithium, are not recycled.
    • Nine million tons of carbon dioxide emissions were attributed to the production and importation of goods bought in Australia in 2019.

    Metalbiz aims to improve recycling efficiency to ensure valuable resources in e-waste are reused effectively. By managing e-waste responsibly, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with manufacturing and importing electronic products.

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    We Adopt an Efficient Electronics Recycling Process at Metalbiz

    Our Related Services

    Data Destruction

    At Metalbiz, we prioritize protecting your data privacy by securely destroying hardware, if required. Your sensitive information remains safeguarded throughout the recycling process.


    Schedule a complimentary site evaluation with Metalbiz to assess whether your assets can generate revenue through recycling. Our experts provide insights tailored to your company’s needs.


    Metalbiz offers comprehensive recycling documentation to fulfill your requirements. We ensure transparency and accountability in our recycling process.

    Here are Some of the Government Initiatives to Encourage E-Waste Management

    Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020

    National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS)

    E-Waste Generation in Australia

    Business Compliance

    Because of these laws, more people are realizing how important it is to recycle e-waste properly. This means that more and more individuals and businesses are starting to recycle their old electronics responsibly. At Metal Biz, we’re excited to be part of this positive change towards a cleaner environment.

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    Certification of Destruction

    It’s important to keep yourself safe, especially since businesses have a duty to dispose of personal information correctly.

    That means it’s recommended to destroy Australian Government information properly.

    Some companies use uncertified shredders. To make sure everything we do is trustworthy and safe, we’ll send you an official Certificate of Destruction after your materials are securely shredded and destroyed.

    Convenient E-Waste Disposal Near You

    Looking for a hassle-free way to dispose of your electronics responsibly? Look no further! Metalbiz offers convenient e-waste disposal services right in your neighborhood. Whether you’re wondering where to dispose of electronics or searching for electrical disposal options near you, we’ve got you covered. We provide secure collection services in metropolitan and regional areas of Brisbane. Contact us at 0468 727 272 to inquire about service availability in your area.

    Plus, we partner with Bunnings to provide e-waste drop-off locations for your convenience.

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    How Can You Book an E-Waste Destruction Process

    • Order Placement
      Order online or call us at 0468 727 272 to schedule your service.
    • Secure Collection
      Our drivers collect the bins and transport them to our secure destruction center, tracked via GPS.
    • Secure Destruction
      Your e-waste bins are securely destroyed at our facilities, ensuring complete data destruction and recycling of materials.
    • Recycling Contribution
      Shredded electronic materials are recycled to contribute to the circular economy, minimizing environmental impact.
    How Can You Book an E Waste Destruction Process

    How Can You Contribute To E-Waste Management

    E-Waste Awareness

    The Problem
    E-waste, comprising discarded electronics like phones and computers, poses a growing environmental threat. With rapid technological advancements and short product lifecycles, electronic devices contribute significantly to waste generation.

    Actions You Can Take

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is E-waste?

    E-waste refers to discarded electronic devices, including computers, phones, and appliances, that can be recycled.

    Why is E-waste Recycling Important?

    Recycling e-waste prevents environmental pollution and conserves valuable resources.

    How Much Does E-waste Recycling Cost?

    Metalbiz provides cost-effective e-waste recycling solutions tailored to your needs.

    How Can Metalbiz Recycle My E-waste for Free?

    Contact Metalbiz to explore options for cost-efficient e-waste recycling services.

    Where Does My E-waste End Up?

    Metalbiz ensures responsible disposal and recycling of e-waste through certified facilities.

    What Occurs With My Computer's Private Data?

    We prioritize data security and ensure the secure destruction of hardware containing private information.

    What Happens to the Plastic?

    All ABS/PC plastic is baled and recycled into pellets for reuse in new plastic products, contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices.

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