Being an Environmentally Conscious Driver

Being an environmentally conscious driver is as much a matter of common sense as civic duty and community responsibility. There are a lot of ways to be an environmentally conscious driver, reduce your carbon footprint, and even save money while you’re at it.

Driving Environmental Basics

While driving, you can do a lot to reduce your carbon footprint while reducing your driving costs:

Drive only when necessary. Reduce risk of damage and save money on fuel. Your car will benefit from less wear and tear and so will your running costs.
Taking the shortest route. In the tangle and snarl of Australia’s big cities, this is the normal driving practice but think about it; less travel time, fewer emissions, less stress on the road, and less playing Hide and Seek with the traffic.

Hybrid or electric cars. The new generation of electric and hybrid cars are truly cost-efficient, ideal for family taxi work and much less expensive to run. The power storage of electric cars is increasing all the time so you can get a lot done on a single charge these days.

Get a new, or newer, car. Older cars are less fuel-efficient and they’re becoming basically obsolete. You can get a new, better car and generate a substantially lower amount of carbon. The Ol’ Reliable, if it’s a collector brand or mainstream market brand, may be worth a lot in parts, too, so you can make a bit of money in the process.

Old Cars and Scrap Value

There are countless cars rusting away in yards or on rural properties, unused, around Australia. They’re usually too expensive to fix or are simply abandoned junk of no use to anyone.

You may be surprised to learn that those cars can be worth good money as scrap. You can tidy up the yard and remove the car while getting paid for it. Scrap metal prices are stable and junk car removal can save you a lot of time and effort. Good scrap dealers will give you a decent quote and take care of the whole process for you.

The environmental values of scrap metal are pretty straightforward:

► Metal recycling reduces the demand for metal manufacturing, which generates a lot of carbon emissions.
► Globally, scrap metal collection helps to get rid of abandoned vehicles on a huge scale, contributing a lot to overall worldwide environmental values.
► Recycling also improves the local environment by removing toxic vehicles, which emit fumes and can contaminate the surrounding area. 

As you can see, it’s not too hard to be an environmentally conscious driver.  It’s well worth exploring your options for scrap car removal and seeing how you can benefit from sustainable, environmentally efficient, driving habits.

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