We are proud to be a business leading in environmentally conscious auto wrecking.

We take pride in how we dispose of your end of life vehicles while providing an excellent service. Being environmentally conscious may not be on the top of everyone’s list when it comes to auto wrecking, but here are a few reasons why it should be:

Over half a million cars are disposed of each year, which can have devastating effects on the environment if not taken care of correctly. There are components of auto wrecking other than just your cars body that can contribute to pollution if not disposed of carefully.

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The Importance of Car Recycling:

  • Automotive engine coolant, or antifreeze, contains either ethylene or propylene glycols, both of which are toxic to animals and humans. (Mobil)
  • If Released into the atmosphere, fluorocarbon refrigerant gases can damage the ozone layer and contribute to global warming (Australian Refrigeration Council)
  • Recycling car batteries prevents the leaking of lead and sulfuric acid into the environment.
  • Each car battery contains two to three litres of sulfuric acid as well as lead compounds.

98% of car batteries can be recycled (SITA)

  • In Australia, 17 million tyres are estimated to be dumped each year and a large proportion of these end up in landfill or are burnt which creates significant air pollution.

It is estimated that around 52.5 million tyres reach the end of their life each year in Australia (SITA)

  • Scrap metal recycling saves water, energy and precious natural resources.
  • For every one tonne of steel we recycle, we save 1,100 or iron ore, 630kg of coal, 55kg of limestone, 287 L of oil, and 642 kWh of energy (Bureau of International Recycling).
  • Recycling glass creates only half the greenhouse gas of making new glass from sand. (SITA)
  • One ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every six tons of recycled container glass used in the manufacturing process (Glass Packaging Institute).

Recycling Responsibly for you

The correct recycling of cars is a matter that should become both better understood and practised more within auto wrecking companies. Many ‘backyard’ sites have a higher risk of runoff into neighbouring waterways and polluting the air of heavily populated areas.

Recycle end of life vehicles in the correct way is important to us, and educating people about our process is key to our service. At Metal Biz we recycle unused petrol on our own vehicles and forklifts and set an example of how effective Recycling can benefit your everyday life. Preventing the depletion of natural resources is something that can be prevented, and by being conscious of your decisions when it comes to auto wrecking you can make a difference for the future of your Earth.

Our Responsibility for your Future

Our Responsibility for your Future

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