Fun alternatives to cars for getting around Brisbane

Brisbane is a fantastic city to live in if you don’t own a car. Not only is the public transport network easy to navigate and access, but there are plenty of beautiful bike tracks and walking paths to explore.

We take a look at eight awesome alternative modes of transport for getting around Brisbane:

1. They see me rollin’ on my segway

Glide effortlessly around South Bank or along the Brisbane River Loop and take in the sights and sounds of the city on a segway. These cool, self-balancing, electric-powered vehicles are easy to master and quick to learn. Just let the intuitive controls and smooth maneuverability take the lead!

2. Skate through town on an electric skateboard

Whether you’re looking to shorten your commute or just surf the pavement, electric skateboards are the perfect solution for getting around Brisbane on a budget. Some popular brands include Boosted Boards, Inboard and ZBoard. Just remember to wear a helmet and be conscious of your speed in busy, over-crowded places.

3. Swish and spin on rollerblades

For those who prefer to have a hands-free commute, rollerblades are ideal. Get around town with wheels on your feet and explore Brisbane with the breeze swishing through your hair. Things can get a bit tricky if your route covers a lot of hills, so be sure to pack a pair of shoes for when your legs start to burn.

4. Hire a Citycycle

There’s nothing better than riding your bike to and from work without the hassle of maintaining and storing it. Brisbane’s CityCycle scheme is a key part of the council’s plan to reduce traffic, save the planet and encourage residents to be more active. You can borrow a bike for an hour for as low as $2!

5. Cruise along the river on a ferry

The Brisbane CityCat is the ultimate express lane for any commute around the city suburbs. Avoid traffic jams and crowded sidewalks by jumping on the ferry and watching the banks cruise by. Sit outside and feel the sun on your face or grab a spot inside to keep your luscious locks under control. If you didn’t bring a book, pass the time by trying your hand at the quirky trivia questions presented on screens at the front of the boat!

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