How to Get Cash for Broken Cars | Sell a Broken Car for Cash

How to Get Cash for Broken Cars Sell a Broken Car for Cash

The question uppermost in people’s minds is “can I make any money from a broken car?”

The answer is “yes, most definitely!”. If your car has been in an ‘unfortunate event’ you have several options to dispose of it.
Even if your car is a write-off it can be sold to an auto-wreckers as scrap metal, and if it has workable parts even better.

Keep reading to find out more about how to sell your broken car.

Mechanical Assessment for Your Broken Car

Firstly, get a qualified mechanic (not your friend’s mate “who knows something about cars”) to inspect the vehicle and give you a report on the extent of the damage. Find out what systems and components still work so you are fully in the know. This is important as it will make a difference as to how you can market the car. A car that has functioning parts is worth more than one that is a complete write-off.

Is Your Broken Car Repairable?

There are always people looking to buy defunct cars on the cheap for parts or who like to repair cars, so it may be worth your while to get it repaired at least to the stage where it’s functioning. Of course, the cost of the repair bill may be more than someone is willing to pay for it, so don’t go overboard if you’re not going to make a profit. If you are selling a damaged vehicle you need to be clear when advertising too so you don’t get done for false advertising.

The Best Ways to Sell a Broken Car

1. Sell Your Car “As-Is”

When you determine the faults in your car are not worth repairing, the best option is to sell the car As-Is. You can hire a motor vehicle assessor so that you can find out the actual value of your car. This way you’re assertive during the sale. In circumstances where you don’t have money to hire an assessor, do a thorough research of the market value of cars of the same model as yours and in the same state as yours. After that, you can now settle at the price you want to sell cars for cash, set the terms of sale and the mode of payment. Finally, choose an appropriate channel to advertise, e.g. electronic marketing platform and eventually sell.

2. Trade in your Broken Car

Trading in your car saves on time and effort for making a private sale. For starters, find out its value. The second source for avenues that offer a trade-in option, it could be online or car dealer shops. Aim to find dealers who will resell the scrap car removal to other customers from their yard as they mostly have better offers. Get different price quotations for both your car and the car you wish to trade in with to ascertain the top-up cost needed. Take into consideration the towing charge, some traders will offer to tow for free while others will require you to pay for it.

3. Sell Your Car to a Junkyard

Identify junkyards that have an interest in your car model. To sell a broken car for cash can be devastating as the price margin compared to the initial cost of the vehicle was purchased is high. Be sure you are ready to sell your old car as junk as this will avoid having second thoughts halfway through the process. Obtain several evaluations, do a comparison and decide on the one that offers the highest price. To maximise the return you are getting on the sale, you can have the buyer organise for transport as some will provide free transportation.

4. Sell Broken Down Cars as Scrap for Money

When you want to sell a broken car for cash, you should bear in mind the extent of damage it has. It could be the engine that is broken down, a deformed body part or a damaged interior. Often, when any or all of these three are destroyed beyond repair, you can opt to sell your car as salvage. To get value for your car put a price on it depending on the extent of the damage. Research on the costs of used spare parts for the car model you are selling as this gives you high bargaining power.

5. Sell Parts from the Car Yourself

Another option is to strip out and sell off any useful and useable parts to private buyers and auto wreckers. You’ll have to do a bit of research and know what you’re talking about with the various parts you’re selling. A thorough vehicle inspection of the workable parts by a mechanic is a must so you can sell with confidence. Start with car wreckers and if they won’t take them then advertise online in places like gumtree or approach online auto parts stores. Even unusable parts can still be worth money as they can be sold for scrap metal.


Where to Sell Your Broken Cars

If your car is beyond help or you want the easiest solution to getting rid of it, then the best thing to do is to sell it ‘as is’ to reputable car wreckers that deal in recycling broken cars. Car wreckers like MetalBiz offer free car removal and cash for your vehicleThey will also dispose of it in an environment-friendly way so it doesn’t impact the environment. This involves dismantling the car, salvaging parts for use on other vehicles and recycling components such as the battery, waste oil and tyres. Call MetalBiz today on 1300 – 72 72 72 or jump online and get a quote.

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 04:42 am