Get More Garage Space With These DIY Hacks

Garage organisation is a task that no one looks forward. Unless there’s an old or forgotten car in there, in which case you can look forward to some quick cash.

But putting order into the chaos doesn’t have to be difficult. From makeshift shelving and storage ideas, there are lots of ways you can transform your garage from mess to marvellous.

1. Start with a blank canvas

Organising your garage is much easier if you take everything out and see how you can use the space more effectively. You may have to get creative to figure out how the space can be divided up. Try and declutter as much as possible by deciding what items you want to keep, donate or throw away. When in doubt donate or toss but recycle where possible, especially paint cans and hazardous materials.

2. Budget supplies

Second hand and discount stores are goldmines when it comes to cheap organisational supplies that you can use in your garage to store stuff. The trick is not to get distracted and end up buying things that just add to the clutter.

For instance a shoe holder is an ideal way to store cans of spray paint and paint brushes and free up floor space. Plastic bins are also inexpensive and can be stored overhead if you have shelving. If not, it might be worthwhile building some as it can be an effective and underutilised space.

3. Recycle Food Containers

Garages tend to become dumping grounds and it’s easy for things to get out of control. Recycle plastic and glass jars and use them to store miscellaneous items such as nails, screws, rubber bands etc. Nailing the lid to the underside of a shelf also keeps them safely out the reach of little fingers.

4. Furniture Recycle

Your house may also have storage items you can utilise in your garage. An old bookcase can be repurposed as a shelving unit and an old table or sideboard can make an ideal workspace.

5. Group Like Items

Group like items together so they’re easy to find. Use vertical space as much as possible to keep sports equipment such as balls contained. If you’re planning to park your car in your garage then this storage solution keeps them all neatly out of the way in an unused corner.

6. Label!

Once you’ve got everything stored then labelling everything in your garage is tedious but worth it. Not only will it save you time when you need something, it will impress the neighbours when they pop over to borrow a drill bit and you can locate it instantly.

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