How To Get Rid Of Your Old Car For Cash? | Options & Tips

How to Get Rid of Your Old Car for Cash Options & Tips

When it’s time to get rid of a car you’ve had for a long time you are faced with a few choices. Do you sell the car, send it to a scrap metal yard or just simply give it away?

Well, that firstly depends on the condition of the car. It’s important to note that often, with older cars or broken cars, the cost of fixing it is probably going to be close to, if not more than the car is actually worth. In the world of automobiles, everything from tires to brakes to clutches has a limited life and common issues can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Most car engines should be able to reach around 200,000-250,000km but some may give out a little earlier. Fortunately, for those looking to earn a bit of quick extra cash from their vehicles, Australia has a scheme called cash for cars in which automobiles are dismantled and recycled for spare parts or scrap metal.


Options When Getting Rid of an Old Car

1. Selling

There are various ways to sell a car, either through a dealer or directly through a website or ad listing, such as Craig’s list, Gumtree or a local newspaper. Remember, there are often advertising costs so make sure you go with a reputable source or website if you are going to list the car yourself. If however, you go through a car dealer, the process is more straightforward and you are less likely to encounter any fraud, but you’re also likely to get less for your vehicle, as their intention is to make a profit.

2. Scrapping

Scrapping is a great way to get some quick cash for your car. Again, it’s important that you go with a reliable dealer. A simple search in Google will show you multiple places you can go to have to car recycled and multiple companies that will come and pick your car up directly from your home. Some questions you may want to ask the person you contact are; is it safe? Are they registered, scrap dealers? Do they pay cash or can they do a cheque or bank deposit?

Usually, a quote is provided free of charge and you will have a time period in which the quote is valid, allowing you to think about the decision. Another question you may be wondering is, how do they work out the value of your car? Well, that is done by taking into consideration the price of scrap metal at the time at which you want it scrapped, whether you have any reusable parts and what the value of similar cars in recycling centres across your area has been. If you’d like a cash for cars quote, you can call a car yard hotline, provide them with the details of your vehicle and they’ll give you an instant quote. What about other vehicles? Well, if you have a truck, bus or 4 x 4, scrap metal recycling services can pick up your vehicle and recycle it just as they would with your car.

3. Giving it away

Giving your car away is always another option. If you have friends or family who are in need of a vehicle and it is still roadworthy then maybe consider handing the keys over to them. There are also charities that take old cars and put them to use, whether it be auctioned or given directly to a worthy cause. In this case, you may also be able to get the difference back as a tax deduction.

4. Trade-in your old car

The procedure of car removal for cash is less complex, in most cases, it’s a single day transaction. First, the dealer has to assess the scrap car removal and, in the process, assess its value. After that, they will name their price which is flexible to bargain. Once you have concluded on the amount you will sell the car for, you will hand in all the appropriate and required legal documents that prove ownership. Even though trade in allows you to sell your car at a lower price, it saves you time and other straining sale procedures.

5. Sell your old car parts

In a situation where your car is worn out and cannot attract a good amount of money when sold, selling its parts becomes the best option. You need to identify the best car parts dealers who will offer you great value for the parts. Hence, you have to visit a variety of shops and sample their prices. Secondly, you can pick out the vehicle parts you need to sell. You need to assess them and decide whether they are in good condition. Prepare all the documentation that proves you are the owner of the car parts.

Tips to Getting Rid of Your Old Car for Cash

The following tips explain the procedure of getting rid of your old car at a great return.

1. Establish car ownership

Ensure you have the complete documentation required to show ownership of the vehicle. Dealers will not accept to trade in your car if there is no legitimate proof of ownership. In case you do not already own it, obtain the title to the car for peace of mind. This is an important step as it proves you are the true owner of the vehicle.

2. Calculate the value of the car

It’s important to evaluate vehicle damages so that you can come up with a value. Having as much accurate information on the exact condition of the car will help you immensely as you start moving around asking for prices. Additionally, ensure the vehicle is roadworthy. Repairing and fixing the vehicle will help improve its value. It’s a known fact that a roadworthy car will fetch more money than a stalled car. Moreover, you won’t have to incur any delivery costs as you can drive the vehicle to the junkyard.

3. Compare different prices

Call or visit different dealers that offer cash for old cars in your neighbourhood and nearby cities. This way you will have a range of prices. Moreover, you might find that it’s worthwhile to take that long drive to a nearby city and fetch a good price. Some junkyards pay good amounts compared to the vehicle’s model, make and the condition of the vehicle while others might not pay for it if they have to car pick it up. Prepare a list of the damages on the car to ease the process of the transaction.


Decide on how you’d like to get rid of your car today and earn some quick extra cash!

Do you have an old car you’re trying to sell?

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