How to Sell Accident Damaged Cars for Cash?

Damaged Cars

It’s a common scenario – you’ve totalled your car and now you’re stuck with it. But a wrecked or damaged car is actually money in your pocket and a weight off your mind.


Here’s how you can go about selling your damaged car for cash.

Check out how you can sell accident damaged cars for cash, the best place to sell a damaged car and ways to get the most money selling your scrap damaged car!

Ways to Sell a Damaged Car for Cash

Here are some ways you can sell damaged cars for cash:

1. Repair and Sell it as a Used Car

Sometimes, your best option is to repair your car before selling it. Simple repairs should always be handled early since they do not cost much. Also, if your engine might blow completely, you will need to take it to a mechanic. Some signs that will indicate that the engine is in a critical condition include knocking, clanking and tapping sounds. A strange smell that might come from the engine can also point to a damaged engine.

2. Sell as it Is

If the repair will cost more than the value of the car, you will be better off selling the car as auto parts. Also, if the repairs are complicated, you should let the buyers handle them. Usually, buyers of damaged cars know how they can fix the vehicle for a much cheaper price, and this means they will not lower the price of the vehicle significantly. If your engine needs to be replaced entirely, you should forget about it and simply use the money you get to buy a new car. Replacing an engine can be very expensive. If your car has been involved in an accident, you should also not bother repairing it since the frame can be very expensive to replace.

3. Sell it to a Scrap Yard

Another option is to sell your car to a scrapyard. It is important to note that these places will pay you according to the weight of the scrap metal, not the actual value of the accessories. For the same reason, selling a low mileage car with a clean title will not get you extra money. If you intend to sell the parts on their own, you should take them out of the car and leave only the metallic parts. The advantage of selling to a scrap yard is simplicity and quickness.


Where to Sell Damaged Car?

To get good cash for damaged cars, you will have to find a suitable place to sell your vehicle. Here are some places where you can sell your accident damaged car:

1. Sell to a Car Dealer

This is not usually the best place to sell a damaged car, but it can be a lot more straightforward. Many car dealers will give you bad rates for your vehicle. However, they will allow you to trade in your damaged car for a new one. If you intend to sell your car to a dealership, you should make sure you fix anything that can be quickly repaired. This will get you a better price at the dealership. Also, you will be better off approaching a shop that sells used cars as opposed to new ones.

2. Sell to an Individual Buyer

If you feel stressed out by the idea of selling your car to a dealership or a scrap car removal yard, you can choose to sell it to an individual buyer. Again, you should not expect the best prices for your car since the buyer is still going to sell it to a final buyer. You can find individual buyers on the internet.

3. Sell to an Auto Parts Buyer

There are many auto parts buyers who would be interested in your car. You can choose to sell the individual parts of your car, or sell the entire vehicle. Unlike scrap yards, these buyers will take into account the value of the parts in your car.

4. Sell to a Junkyard

Junkyards or scrap yards are interested in the weight of the skip metal in your vehicle. If you intend to sell your car to a junkyard, you should make an effort to take out all the important auto parts in your car. The junkyard will not give you a better price because of the model of the car or the technology used to make it.

How to Sell a Damaged Car for Cash?

After you’ve had an accident, an insurance company may pronounce a car a write-off if it’s unable to be made roadworthy by fixing it. But are you aware that you can actually sell your totalled car and get cash in your hand to go towards another one?

When you sell your car for cash, not only you are getting cold hard cash, you can rest easy in the knowledge that they’re dismantling and recycling it responsibly with the planet in mind. Cars are chock full of harmful metals and fluids, so dumping them in landfills or public waterways is a no-no. Instead, they dispose of non-eco-friendly components in your car like radiator fluid and oil in an efficient and economical fashion so there’s no impact on the environment.

How Do I Sell My Car to You for Cash?

Here’s how you can sell your car in 3 easy steps:

1. Get a Free Quote

Find the metal recycler in your area to find out how much cash you can get for your car.

2. Free Car Removal

In most cases, car for cash services can send the truck to collect your car and you don’t have to pay them a thing to do it or worry about whether it’s running or not. It’s certainly the easiest way to dispose of your damaged car and you’ll know that it’s off the road and has been recycled environmentally friendly.

3. Get Cash For Car

Find out the information and paperwork required to get cash for your car. Usually, you can just fill out the paper and get paid on the spot. Your truck driver will handle the rest.


Last updated on October 9th, 2023 at 05:41 am