How Wrought Iron Turns Fence Gates into a Work of Art

Wrought iron has been used for many centuries (as early as 2000 BC) for sculptures, building construction and decorative purposes. This is because, when heated, wrought iron is a highly malleable metal that can be pulled, twisted and shaped into various shapes.

Historically, wrought iron was mainly used in the 17th and 18th centuries for decorative fences, railings, gates, lamps and more. Its use in the 19th century was more structural, such as for nails, girder irons, etc. but has since been superseded by steel for construction.

Today wrought iron is still a popular material for constructing decorative fences, gates, railings and sculptures. When coupled with contemporary design, wrought iron can make for a stunning decorative feature for a home (as well as a highly functional security addition). We take a look at some Queensland blacksmiths who make a living from producing eye-catching wrought iron work.

Robert Everingham of Ironfist

If you want a fence, gate, balustrade, a garden sculpture or anything made from wrought iron, then Robert Everingham of Ironfist can work a special kind of magic. Robert designs, sculpts and hand forges his creations personally for each client. Known for his original designs and quality work, Robert exceeds client satisfaction by ensuring every scroll, join and curve are perfect, but also that the finished product is functional.

The biggest problem with wrought iron being placed outside is that it is exposed to the elements and suffers from corrosion if not protected with a zinc finish, known as galvanizing. But today there’s no danger of your beautiful fence or gate rusting away. Robert fully galvanizes his pieces with several applications of paint to ensure longevity and provides a 10 year guarantee.

Dean-Wilson Iron

Joel Dean and Andrew Wilson are award winning wrought iron blacksmiths that are based in south-east Brisbane and have clients across Queensland and further afield. The talented team work with clients from inception to delivery, producing stunning wrought iron gates, garden fences, security doors for homes and commercial premises. They can couple a wrought iron fence or gate with existing building materials such as timber, glass, brickwork and steel. Their custom made creations boost street appeal and increase security. They’ve also been known to  work with numerous interior designers for a full home makeover.