Improving your driving skills to avoid car accidents

Whether you’re a mad keen motorist or you’re looking to improve your skills for your own, or your family’s benefit, there are plenty of ways to do this around Brisbane. We give you the lowdown on how to drive like a pro.

Driving schools aren’t just for learners

If you’ve just moved to Brisbane from another country where you held your driver’s licence, the road rules may differ significantly. While you still have a good grasp on your driving skills, navigating these new rules can prove tricky off the bat. A few lessons with a driving instructor will have you confidently jumping behind the wheel again in no time!

Facebook can be a good source of information

Following the Department of Transport and Main Roads on Facebook is always a good idea. They post regular updates about road blocks and weather alerts that will affect drivers across Queensland. They will also keep their audience up to date with changes in road rules and government legislation. Part of improving your skills as a driver involves always taking into consideration outside factors. Being able to adjust your daily habits to become a safer driver is a good skill to hone.

Driver support groups are essential to overcoming fears

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, there is no shame in being hesitant about getting back behind the wheel. Whether you were the driver or the passenger, or the loved one of someone involved in a crash; support is vital to your ability to feel safe in a car again. There are online and physical communities that will assist you to confront and overcome your fears. There are also groups that work towards actively preventing these accidents from occurring. You may want to share your experiences with other motorists, to impress upon them the importance of road safety.

Defensive driving courses will make you a safer driver

Defensive driving courses aren’t just for Emergency Services. The ability to anticipate what another driver will do next is an invaluable skill. It will teach you how to avoid emergency situations so that you will know how to stay safe despite the actions of other drivers. Most defensive driving courses will have both theoretical and practical components. You may not be learning how to park a cop car like the Blues Brothers, but you will be learning how to avoid a pileup!


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