Legal Ways to Avoid Speeding Fines

Speed limits are in place for a reason, and driving over them can put you, your passengers and other drivers at risk of a fatal crash.Travelling over the speed limit is especially dangerous in inclement weather when roads become slippery, and the faster you go, the less control you have over your vehicle.

The consequences of driving over the speed limit are usually a fine by a traffic officer or a speed camera. This is much better than a crash, but it’s not ideal for your bank balance. In Queensland, if you’re caught driving 21 – 30 km over the speed limit, and it’s your first offence, you’re liable for a fine of $406 and four demerit points.

To stay under the speed limit and avoid speeding fines, practice these techniques:

Always check your speedometer

People who get caught with a speeding fine are usually oblivious to how fast they’re actually going. But speedometers can help you to avoid speeding; you simply have to get into the habit of glancing at your dial more often. Checking your speed more often can help keep it consistent as well, which is more predictable for other drivers. If your speed is erratic, they may not know if it’s safe to pass you. If you think your speedo isn’t working properly, get it checked next time you get your car serviced.

Get a car with a speed alert

If continually checking your speedo is a little frustrating, then sell your car for cash and upgrade to a model that has a speed warning alarm that you can set. This may be a visual or audio cue that alerts you whenever you go over the speed you’ve set.

Use cruise control

Cruise control can be helpful at maintaining a certain speed on an open, flat road so you can be sure you’re travelling at less than the speed limit. A car with modern cruise control will automatically change down a gear or apply the brakes to keep it within the set speed. More and more cars are also using adaptive cruise control which is based on radar and adjusts your speed to the vehicle in front.

Know where speed cameras are

All fixed speed cameras in Queensland have signs on approach to alert drivers to their speed. You can check speed camera locations on Google Maps, so you’re not caught out. Point-to-point speed camera locations are also viewable on Google Maps, these measure average speed over a certain distance to catch persistent or sustained speeders.

Keep focused

Drivers who are easily distracted are more likely to get caught speeding, so keep your eyes on the road as much as possible and if you have to talk on your phone, get a hands-free kit.