Living without a car: Brisbane’s public transport is excellent

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Using public transport to get around without a car in Brisbane: the options.

Brisbane by Bus.
Brisbane City Council offers a free loop bus that circles the city centre, making getting around the CBD convenient and easy on your pocket. Bus fares are generally cheap with discounts for students and pensioners, and the Go Card system makes hopping on and off efficient.

The busway beats peak hour traffic, and high-frequency routes such as the City Glider and Buz services make it easier to be on time for every appointment. You can even hire council buses for special occasions to get you and your crew to your event!

Brisbane by Train.
Taking a longer trip? Day trips to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are speedy and easy with Brisbane regional train services. Jump on a train and avoid the traffic bottleneck on the Bruce Highway on the way back from the beach. Regular Airtrain services are also a great way to avoid parking fees at Brisbane Airport when holidaying.

Brisbane by Ferry.
The picturesque way to cruise around Brisbane – catch a CityCat or CityHopper and relax watching the river and city views pass by. No traffic worries here, apart from the occasional rowing team.

Brisbane by CityCycle bikes.
Brisbane City Council’s bike sharing system allows the public 24-hour access to bike hire within the inner city. Hop on a bike at South Bank and drop it off at New Farm for a spontaneous day out. Courtesy helmets are supplied. Rides under 30 minutes are free! Otherwise daily, weekly, quarterly or annual subscriptions are available via their website for as cheap as $2.

Brisbane by Uber.
Don’t live close to a bus or train stop? Tap your phone and order an Uber straight to your door. Cheaper than taxis, reliable and available 24/7. Arguably one of the best ways to get home after a late night out.

Brisbane by Old fashioned foot traffic.
If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, a bit of exercise, or want to get to know your neighbourhood a bit better, you can’t go past a morning stroll to work. Next time you go to step on the bus, consider taking the time to walk a few blocks and take in your surroundings. It’s a great way to mull things over and simply enjoy the Brisbane sunshine!

Public transport is cheap, quick and stress-free. No more monstrous parking fees or time wasted driving in circles hunting for a free space. Call us today to arrange a cash for car deal and spend your money on experiences rather than petrol. Get rid of that scrap metal taxing your wallet!