Metal Recycling: Scrap To Save The Planet

Metal recycling is an age-old concept, and indisputably the best way to get rid of useless metal items. In every case, it’s not just the metal itself that acts as a pollutant to the planet. It also takes huge amounts of fuel, energy, and space to mine and smelt metal before it is ready to use. Recycling metal uses about 74 percent less energy than making new steel, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. By recycling metal you reduce the environmental impact of having to make new material. And as an added bonus, MetalBiz allows you to make money while helping the planet.

Perhaps you’ve heard or read about scrap metal recycling, maybe you’ve even done a bit of it yourself on a small scale in the past. But if you have a big car that you have no more use for sitting in the back of your garage, here’s a few reasons why giving it for metal recycling is the best way to go.

The impact of improper metal recycling

Over half a million cars are disposed of each year. Every year, over 25 million tons of material is recycled from old vehicles and automobiles are the most recycled consumer product in the world today. About 65% of a junked car is made from steel, the rest is made from other metals as well as glass, rubber and upholstery. Without proper disposal, all of these components end up in a land mine together and could take tens, if not hundreds of years to fully decompose. However it goes beyond metal recycling; on top of the different components that make up a car, it’s also crucial for the humans, plants, and animals in the environment to properly dispose of the antifreeze, oil, petrol, and other chemicals that make a car run. Each car battery contains two to three litres of sulfuric acid as well as lead compounds, which when leaked into the environment could have a disastrous effect on surrounding wildlife. At MetalBiz we take care of all this for you. We drain and properly dispose of any hazardous waste for the benefit of the environment, and at no extra cost to you, the provider.

More than just metal

Once the hazardous material has been drained and separated, the car’s engine and transmission are removed for cleaning and recycling along with the car’s battery. 99% of a car battery can be recycled and used to make new ones. Some parts of the car can be salvaged as they are and saved to use to repair other cars, reducing the impact of making new parts. Once all the removable parts are cleaned and sent off for their respective metal recycling, the empty shell is crushed down into a manageable size before being sent to a recycling plant to be shredded, melted, and remade into just about any metal object.

Cars are mostly made of iron, aluminium, and steel, all of which are valuable and easily recyclable. Recycling aluminium can save 80% of the energy used to make it, making it a highly environmentally beneficial metal to recycle. On top of this, the whole process of making new objects from recycled aluminium takes as little as a month.

Your best bet when it comes to reliable scrap metal recycling will be to take it to a local scrap yard like ours, which differs slightly from a junkyard or salvage yard. Scrap yards only focus on buying, recycling and selling scrap metal.

After adding up the environmental value that comes with recycling your car, you could also add the monetary value you’ll receive from sending your car to MetalBiz for scrapping. To find out just how much your car is worth it’s as easy as filling out the form on our website or calling us at 3274 4664 to receive a reliable quote based on the information you provide us with. We’ll come and pick up your car for free from your location and make it as easy as we can for you to do your bit for the environment.

But our services don’t stop there. Metal recycling is a passion of ours, so we want to make it as easy as possible for the public to access this service. If you don’t have a vehicle to scrap but have lots of excess material from a building site or business, from decommissioned machinery to manufacturing and construction scrap; whether it’s a one-off project or a regular service you’re after, our scrap metal bins of different shapes and sizes are suited for a wide variety of metal recycling needs.

Contact us on 1300 727272 for a quote to get your business in Brisbane making money from its scraps and help the environment at the same time.