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    Reliable And Secure Scrap Selling With The Best Metal Scrap Buyer Brisbane

    Metal Scrap Buyer Brisbane

    We Buy All Types Of Scrap For Cash Brisbane

     All Types Of Aluminium Articles
     Castings (Engine And Machine)
     Condenser Coils
     Window & Door Extrusions
     Drink Cans & Containers
     Foil Wrap & Food Containers
     Lithographic Printing Plates
     Mag & Alloy Wheels
     Pipe & Tubing
     Plate & Sheeting
     Pots, Pans & Household Goods
     Wire & Cable
     Swarf & Borings
     All Brass Ware
     Bronze Bushes & Bearings
     Castings & Containers
     Faucets & Fittings
     Gunmetal & Manganese
     Pipe & Tubing
     Plate & Sheeting
    Car Radiators & Cooling Coils
     Shells & Cartridges
     Swarf & Borings
     Tanks & Cisterns
     Taps & Valves
     Water Meters
     All Copper Products
     Armoured Cable
     Burnt Wiring
     Electrical & Data Cable
     Electric Motors
     Hot Water Systems
     Insulated Cable
     Pipe & Tubing
     Plate & Sheeting
     Radiators & Condenser Coils
     Stripped Wire
     All Ferrous Metals
     All Non-Ferrous Metals
     Air Conditioners
     Catalytic Convertors
     Magnesium Alloy
     Metal Dross
     Power Supplies & UPS Units
     Solder Drips & Sticks
     Tin & Wiping Metal
     White Metal & Bearing Metal
     Zinc Blocks & Sheet
     Computers & Monitors
     Electronics & Motherboards
     Power Boards & Switching Panels
     Printers & Photocopiers
     Lead Acid Car Battery
     Pipe & Tubing
     Sheeting & Flashings
     Wheel Weights
     All Stainless Items
     Bench & Counter Tops
     Cable & Wiring
     Pipe & Tubing
     Plate & Sheeting
     Sinks & Tanks
     Valves & Fittings
     Washroom Equipment
     Any Iron & Steel
     Cars, Trucks & Auto Parts
     Clothes Lines & Baths
     Dishwashers & Drums
     Fridges & Freezes
     Roofing & Guttering
     Stairs & Handrails
     Washing Machines

    Call us and sell scrap catalytic converters or earn instant cash for radiators in the Brisbane area today.

    What Makes Us Unique

    MetalBiz isn’t just about turning your scrap into cash; our aim is more than that. In the long run, we want to empower you to make smart and greener choices when it comes to waste disposal.

    Our services guarantee a top-dollar payout for all types of metals, from rusty cars to aluminium cans. All are weighted by our BCC-certified weighbridge to ensure you receive full payment for your waste.

    Skip the hassle and pick us to provide you with effortless, ethical, and convenient waste selling.

    Join MetalBiz and contribute to Australia’s circular economy and minimise landfill waste.

    Follow 3 Easy Steps To Sell Your Junk Today

    We Are The Best For The Environment

    There is more to us than simply purchasing your scrap metals and paying you cash. At MetalBiz, we understand how harmful metal ore extraction is to the environment. That’s why we offer services that can help reuse and recycle all the available metal resources around us.

    The benefits of using our services include the following:

    Reduce Landfills

    When metal scraps or end-of-life vehicles are dumped in landfills, they contaminate the soil and water supply. With our processes, we can help reduce the number of waste being sent to landfills.

    Minimize Greenhouse Emission

    Digging for metal ores require much more energy than recycling metal items. This helps decrease the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    Repurposing old items
    Repurposing old items

    Car spare parts, rods, metal sheets, all of it can be repurposed. Reusing these items can lessen the amount of waste in landfills and also greenhouse gases.

    We Pick Scrap Metals – Easily And Efficiently


    How Much Do We Pay For Your Scraps

    Metal prices tend to fluctuate according to the worldwide market. Therefore, the price we pay you for your scrap metal in Ipswich tends to change as well.

    Therefore, before selling us your scrap metal, call us to get details of the current rates or check the metal rates online to stay up to date with the current rates.

    To get the highest cash for scrap in all of Queensland, get in touch today. 

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