How Much Can I Get From My Car At The Wreckers?

How Much Can I Get From My Car at the Wreckers

If you’re thinking of selling a car to the wreckers, you need to understand the value of what you’re selling. Some cars are worth big money to wreckers; some aren’t.

Modern wreckers are highly efficient and knowledgeable, getting as much value out of each purchased car as possible. They extract parts, scrap metal, and any items of value in the car wrecking process. Most cars, in fact, do have at least a few valuable parts for salvage.

You’ll be very surprised to learn this reason as to why you can get an impressive price for your broken-down car. Forget the “we’ll give you a few bucks and tow it away for you” media image. Modern wrecking is all business and it means great business for the car wreckers’ clients, too.

Wreckers buy aggressively, in direct competition with other wreckers. They know value when they see it, and they’ll pay for it on a fair basis. If your car has real value, you’ll get a good quote based on that value.

Useful Shopping List for Selling to Wreckers

In keeping with the general idea of values, your car may be a great buy for wreckers if you fill these demands:

►Authentic OEM parts: Authentic parts are always worth having and if your car is a major brand, you’ve got some real value there. Even relatively small parts can be valuable.
Car model: Some models are worth much more than others. Famous models are worth significantly more.
Engines: Engines can bring in excellent value, too, particularly if they’re in good enough shape to recondition.
Systems: Shocks, suspension, brakes, steering and transmission systems are also valuable.
Scrap value: This value varies a lot over time, depending on scrap metal It may impact your quote, however, if market prices are higher or lower.

Wreckers will pay thousands of dollars for valuable cars. All you need to do is find the best quote, and that’s pretty easy to do.

Getting Quotes

Getting quotes is “due diligence” for sellers. You’ll get more than just the quotes, too; you’ll get a good idea of the prices and be able to make an informed decision about selling.

Don’t be too surprised if you get larger quotes than you expected. These are good quotes, intending to buy, and are indicative of the high end of your price range.

You might even get two quotes very close to each other. The lesser quote may just possibly be prepared to go higher. You won’t get a “bidding war”, but you might get a better quote.

Note: Please be aware that two very close quotes mean almost identical valuations. These sources will definitely be interested in buying, but don’t expect them to raise the quote too far above this baseline. You might get a touch more, though.

Want a Good Quote From A Top Wrecker in Brisbane?

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Call one of our branches in the city and speak to our specialists about your sale. Expect a good quote and prompt, environmental friendly service!

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