New car safety features worth upgrading for

Are you keeping up to date with the latest safety technology available on the market for new cars?

We’re not going to lie, some of it is pretty cool! The only issue is, many of these features don’t come in older cars due to outdated specs.
So is it worth upgrading to a new car for access to this technology, which will ultimately make your driving experience easier and safer? Read on to find out.

Rear view cameras

Avoid neck cramps by installing rear view cameras to assist when backing out of the driveway. This is particularly necessary for families with small children – always have a clear view of what is going on behind you when you are reversing.

Keyless locking system

Keyless locking systems mean easy access to your car. All you have to do is have your “key” (more like a sensor disc) within a certain diametre of your car, touch the touchpad on your door handle, and the car will open. Likewise, you can turn your car on with a button.

Keyless car locks can increase your personal security as well as be much more convenient to use. No more fumbling for keys in the dark! We all know that sense of urgency to get into our vehicles as quickly as possible when parked in shadier areas.

Forward collision warning

Forward collision warning senses when an oncoming vehicle or static object is at risk of collision, taking into account the speed at which you are driving. The system will either warn you or depending on the type you get, automatically slow your car down to avoid a collision.

Adaptive headlights

Adaptive headlights pivot with the road ahead instead of only focusing on what is immediately in front of your car. They illuminate curves in the road to increase your preemptive actions when driving.

High beam assist

Do a lot of night driving outside the city? High beam assist scans the road ahead via sensors to determine oncoming traffic. It will dip your high beams when a car is within dazzle range so that you can avoid constantly switching controls and always have appropriate vision without causing hazards for other drivers.

Voice control

Voice control is the smarter, safer way to organise your car while you’re driving. Want to change the music? Just ask! No more fumbling with iPod cords and screens – not only do you get beeped at by impatient drivers at traffic lights, but it’s also a major hazard for you and other drivers.

Blind spot warning

If you’ve ever had a close call when merging lanes and forgetting to check your blind spot, then this feature could change your future. It detects and alerts you when a car moves into your blind spot. If you find it difficult for your eyes to be scanning all directions when you’re driving this is a must-have.


Think you could benefit from a few of these safety features? Perhaps it’s time to trade your old car for cash and invest in a new one. Call MetalBiz to arrange a cash for car deal and use that money to buy a newer, safer vehicle!