Why It’s Important to Recycle Cars?

Importance Of Car Recycling

Importance Of Car Recycling Tyres Recycle Cars tyres significantly reduces air pollution and contaminated run-off. In Australia, 17 million tyres are estimated to be dumped each year and a large proportion of these end up in landfills or are burnt which creates significant air pollution. As well as taking up space in landfills, stockpiled tyres […]

Scrap Steel Recycling in Brisbane

Scrap Steel Recycling in Brisbane

Steel is an extremely versatile material. From roads and railways to kitchen knives, car parts, washing machines, microwaves, and radiators, we use it all the time in our day-to-day lives. It’s estimated that 17.5 million scrap steel recycling every week in Australia — that’s enough steel to build 900 new cars! In this article, we take […]

We Buy Scrap Cars for Cash

Cash for Scrap Cars

Have an old, run-down, piece-of-junk car sitting in your garage? Bring it into Metal Biz and we’ll pay top dollar for it! Scrap metal recycling As Brisbane’s best complete scrap metal solution, we buy scrap cars and turn them into recycled metal. We have premier recycling facilities at three branches across Queensland: Rocklea, Geebung, and […]

Interesting Facts About Recycling Metal

Do You Want To Know About Local Scrap Metal Recycling Rocklea

Fun facts about metal recycling that will surprise and amaze you! From ancient Egyptian copper plumbing to the amount of steel your average city bus contains, we explore the wonders of metal and the marvels of facts about recycling it. Facts About Recycling Copper Facts About Recycling nearly 5,000 years, copper was the only metal known […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Recycle Your Scrap Metal

cash for scrap metal

By definition, the process of mining metal ore and turning it into usable metal is unsustainable. Metal production involves the harmful removal of natural resources, land degradation, fossil fuel emission, wildlife destruction, and exhaustive energy and water use. However, recycling scrap metal (old or used metal) can be done an infinite number of times with […]

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