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Metalbiz specialises in non-ferrous processing in Ipswich and is committed to the safe disposal of scrap metal. We purchase and recycle all forms and types of non-ferrous metal under specially designed processes.

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    All About Our Non-Ferrous Processing in Ipswich

    All About Our Non-Ferrous Processing in Ipswich

    Metalbiz is known as the leading scrap metal management service. Our operation has expanded to deal with non-ferrous metals, which are equally valuable as ferrous metals.

    We have offered various non-ferrous scrap metal services for over a decade to achieve the highest metal recovery rate. Our incredible scrap metal recycling in Ipswich has committed to supporting the 90% metal recovery program to reduce the toxic effects of non-recycled metals.

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    What Are Non-Ferrous Metals?

    Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron or carbon. They are light in weight and more malleable than ferrous metals, which makes them a significant part of many industries’ production processes.

    The unique properties of non-ferrous metals make them a desired choice in the production of many household and commercial products. Their expanded application supports many industries in their production processes.

    The unique properties of the non-ferrous metals that make them a suitable choice are:

    • Malleability
    • Light in Weight
    • High Resistance to Corrosion
    • Good Electrical Conductivity

    How Does Non-Ferrous Processing Support the Economy?

    Metalbiz is keen to bring sustainability into the environment through the finest scrap metal recycling practices. Every non-ferrous metal holds a significant value and can contribute to the state’s economic development.

    Here are some prime reasons that justify our non-ferrous processing in Ipswich.

    We aim to support the future through our finest non-ferrous metal recycling processing!

    We Process All Types of Non-Ferrous Metals Under One Roof

    With years of experience, our qualified team has designed an innovative approach that processes all types of non-ferrous metals to preserve the environment and retain our natural resource sustainability.

    Our commitment to safe, non-ferrous scrap metal processing not only supports the environment but also reduces waste in landfills and protects human health.

    How Does Our Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Is Carried Out?

    At our colossal junkyards, our experts follow strict policies framed by the Ipswich City Council regarding recycling and resource recovery to maintain accuracy and effectiveness.

    Our process involves FREE non-ferrous metal collection from your sites, after which it is sorted and separated from other metals. We melt, cast, and mechanise using advanced technological methods to create new products or recycle existing metals.

    Our objective is to process and recover valuable non-ferrous metal for reuse, which reduces the need to extract new raw materials and promotes sustainability.

    Our top-tier recycling methods support ecological safety and promote using recycled metals in the market!

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