Get the Highest Cash for Old Machinery Up To $9,999

Looking to turn your old machinery into cash? We make it simple and rewarding. Here’s what we offer:

  • Competitive Cash for Old Machinery
  • Eco-Friendly Recycling Process
  • Hassle-Free Removal In Brisbane
  • Wide Acceptance Of Various Machines
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    An Easy Way to Sell Your Old Machinery for Cash In Brisbane

    Getting cash for old machinery Brisbane is a smart move with MetalBiz. It’s an easy way to free space, support environmental sustainability, and get rewarded in the process. We specialise in turning your used industrial, farming, and construction machinery and parts into cash based on their demand.

    With MetalBiz, you enjoy transparent dealings, competitive cash offers, and eco-friendly recycling practices, making the disposal of old machinery not just profitable but also responsible.

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    Sell Your Old Machinery

    Machinery Types We Buy For Cash

    At MetalBiz, we’re interested in a wide range of old machinery. Examples of the machinery include:



    Mini excavators

    Mini excavators









    Scissor lifts

    Scissor lifts





    We focus on equipment from the construction, farming, and industrial sectors. Unfortunately, we do not purchase household appliances or machinery that falls under the e-waste category. Our aim is to streamline the process so you can sell scrap metal that’s no longer needed and that is recycled responsibly while you get cash for it.

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    The Process of Selling An Old Machinery Simplified

    Turning your old machinery into cash is a seamless journey with us, emphasising our focus on efficiently recycling scrap metal for cash.

    Initiate Your Inquiry

    Kickstart the process by reaching out for an initial valuation, highlighting your machinery’s potential cash value.

    Thorough Assessment & Quote

    Our experts will closely examine your machinery, and you’ll receive a fair and transparent quote that reflects its worth.

    Logistics & Payment

    We manage the scrap metal pickup at your convenience and offer fast payment for your machinery, turning it into valuable cash.

    Cash for Manufacturing Scrap Metal

    We make superfast payments to all Australian banks. So what are you waiting for? Request your machinery collection today!

    Why Recycle with Us

    Recycling machinery with us offers distinct advantages that stand out in the market:

    We offer the most competitive cash for old machinery, factoring in the latest alloy wheel scrap price to maximise your profit.

    By recycling, you contribute to reducing industrial waste and conserving resources, aligning with global sustainability goals.

    Our efficient process removes all the complexities of selling old machinery, and cash for cars Caboolture from evaluation to final payment.

    Leverage our expertise to understand how copper scrap metal prices today can influence the value of your machinery parts.

    From small tools to large equipment, we recycle a wide range of machinery, so your specific needs are met with professionalism and care.

    Pricing Factors In Selling Machinery

    Wear & Tear

    The overall wear your machinery has endured directly affects its valuation. A well-maintained piece fetches more.

    Brand & Design

    Specific brands or models, known for their durability and efficiency, often hold higher value in the recycling market.

    Chronological Impact

    The newer your machinery, the more valuable its parts. Age shows not just aesthetics but the modernity and relevance of machinery.

    Who We Buy From

    We buy machinery from various individuals and corporations. Here’s a quick overview of our usual customers:

    • Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

    Have machinery lying idle after a pivot? We’re your go-to for reclaiming space and capital.

    • Construction Giants

    Upgrading your fleet? Let us turn your outdated equipment into cash.

    • Agricultural Industry

    Tractors, ploughs, or harvesters; if they’ve served their time, we serve you next.

    • Educational Institutes

    Outdated lab equipment or technical training machinery? We facilitate upgrades by buying the old.

    • Home Workshop Enthusiasts

    Your hobby project leftovers can be our treasure. We buy small-scale machinery, too.

    MetalBiz accepts old vehicles and machinery from a broad spectrum of sellers. All you’ve to do is contact us, and we’ll pay you more than competitors guaranteed.

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