To provide the recycling services in an environmentally friendly way for sustainable future.

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We have been providing our customers with a quick and hassle-free car selling experience so that they can not only get the most money from their unwanted vehicle but also get the best services they could think of.

Make Earth Less Pollutant

“A Brand Name that Speaks for Itself”

Metal Biz Recyclers takes a step closer to help keep the earth greener and cleaner. It is our mission to depollute the soil for the sake of future generations.

Make Australia Cleaner and Environment Friendly

Metals production can be harmful to the environment, as it involves using some of the earth’s most scarce resources, such as carbon and oil.

Reusing the scrap metal from your old automobile reduces the number of resources that can be exhausted.

With car recycling service, it is our mission to prevent more junk from ending up in landfills. This is the only method to ensure that your vehicle does not pollute the environment making Australia cleaner and environment friendly.

Role of transport in the eco-friendly environment

Old cars emit CO2 polluting our atmosphere. With Australia’s changing environment, climate change has become a major issue. Transportation can play a role in providing an eco-friendly environment.

We have entered a new era of electric and hybrid automobiles, thanks to advancements in how power is stored and discharged. Tesla Model S, Toyota Prius Hybrid, BMW i3, Honda Civic Hybrid, etc., are the models and manufacturers taking a step to greener Earth.

Some of the Electric and hybrid vehicles benefits include:

  • Runs on batteries and does not use fuel, so there is no carbon emission.
  • Electric engines are lightweight, saving energy.
  • Gasoline vehicles produce more noise than electric ones, reducing noise pollution.
  • Tesla Model S uses a HEPA air filtration system making the air clearer from allergens.

Metal Biz Recyclers’ mission is to remove old junk vehicles to reduce COemissions and cars ending up in landfills so that there are more green cars and fewer old cars.

Last updated on August 2nd, 2023 at 10:32 am