Preparations Before You Sell Your Car

sell your car

Selling a car that simply doesn’t perform anymore can be an irritating experience. You need to get value out of the sell your car, but how?

You’ve Got Two Basic Possibilities Before Sell Your Car

►Sell or trade-in the car for whatever deal happens to be available at the moment.
►sell your car to wreckers for a different type of price deal, but perhaps make money on the value of the car for parts.

You may be surprised to discover that selling car for cash or as a trade-in may not be the best deal you can get. Consider:

►Age of the car – not necessarily a positive, unless the car is really something special. Older cars naturally attract less sale value than used cars.
►Any work that needs doing to make it more sellable – this can be an absolute curse, costing far more than you want it to cost, and not necessarily adding much to the sale or trade-in value.
►Hunting around for the best deal – you might find a good deal, or not, on any given day. This can be quite frustrating and happen slowly.

In comparison, selling to a wrecker brings with it a few simple but positive aspects:

►Wreckers pay good money for cars these days. You could get thousands of dollars the sell your car as a wreck, more than as a sale or trade-in as a used car. Even as scrap metal, you can get a pretty good deal.
►You don’t need to do anything to the car or spend any money on it. That’s possibly a major plus, given that older cars may need a lot of work.
►Wreckers will remove the smoky vehicle for you. You don’t even have to spend time or money taking the car anywhere.

You can see why selling to wreckers has become more popular in recent years. The car sales market is a bit of a raffle at the best of times. Some deals are brilliant, some are so-so.

Consider This Hypothetical:

An old hatchback on the market as a sale or trade-in – there’s no way this car will get more than $2500 as a trade-in. It’s just too old, and not in sparkling condition. The owner needs a bigger car for their family, too. After spending some time trying to get what they want, the owner is only offered deals that would involve too much financing. The solution to not spending money or signing a finance deal is to sell the car wreckers.

The owner gets $4000, enough to buy a good, fully reconditioned second-hand sedan from a local car yard for $3500. Problems solved.

The bottom line in this deal is that the owner was never going to get much value out of the sale as a used sell your car. He wouldn’t even have got enough to buy the car he now has. The wreckers solved the problem with a better deal.

Looking For A Wrecker In Brisbane For Your Old Car?

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Last updated on September 28th, 2023 at 05:18 am