Repairable or Statutory? Can MetalBiz offer you cash for cars?

At MetalBiz, written-off vehicles are our jam. We love giving cash for cars and getting to wreck, recycle and reuse all the metal parts of a vehicle. Being unaware of this information could mean you are driving an unsafe car and breaking the law unknowingly. It may also impact how much cash for your car you can receive. Today we reveal how to effectively understand write-offs and what you can do to correctly identify a vehicles write-off status.

Statutory vs Repairable Write-offs

When deciding to wreck your car it is important to understand the difference between a statutory write-off and a repairable write-off. A statutory write-off is a car that shows severe damage that cannot be repaired or re-registered. In other words, it’s a total loss. However, a repairable write-off that is a loss that can be re-registered if it is repaired, passes a written-off vehicle inspection or a safety certificate inspection. In both cases, damage can include dismantled features, fire, hail, impact from another vehicle, vandalism such as broken glass and water damage.

Exterior damage

It’s true that a cars exterior may not seem like a major issue; however, hail-damaged vehicles are some of the most written-off cars in Australia. This is because a comprehensively insured car can be a repairable write-off but be more expensive for an insurance company to repair as it overtakes the car’s worth. In this case, a payment will be given instead of the car being repaired. Broken or cracked windows, damaged lights including headlights, tail-lights or direction indicators and windscreen wiper damage are causes for a repairable write-off when it comes to hail damage.

Exemptions are available for this type of write-off. The criteria set by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads are:
  • There is cosmetic hail damage only
  • Immediately before the car was damaged by hail you must have been the vehicle’s registered operator
  • Having current vehicle registration

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What now?

A write-off vehicle, whether statutory or repairable should be reported to the Department of Transport and Main Roads to be listed on a written-off vehicle register. Individuals who have car insurance can rely on an insurance company to notify the department a written-off vehicle. If insurance is not available a vehicle notification form from your department of transport should be completed. There is no rush to dispose of the car after registering it as written off. Weighing up options like cash for cars or part selling can take time and we encourage you to keep a lookout for your perfect deal.

Thinking of cash for cars?

Our services are efficient, easy and offer you instant cash for cars. We accept both statutory or repairable written-off vehicles which will benefit us and the environment through MetalBiz auto recycling and cash for cars service. We welcome all inquiries. Visit one of our MetalBiz recyclers, contact us online or call 1300 72 72 72.