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    We Pay Instant Cash for Your Faulty Car Engine

    Is your car’s engine causing trouble, and making your vehicle undriveable? Don’t worry; we have the solution! At MetalBiz, we are experts in buying unwanted vehicles with faulty engines, offering cash on the spot to ease your burden.

    Our process is simple and hassle-free.

    Contact Us for a Price:

    Whether your car is written-off, damaged, or simply too costly to repair, we’re here to help. Call us at 0468 727 272 or fill in our online form, and we’ll provide you with a competitive price for your vehicle.

    Convenient Pick-Up or Delivery:

    Once we’ve agreed on a price, we’ll arrange a convenient time to meet at your location. Our fleet of Isuzu and Westrans trucks equipped with state-of-the-art Hiab or Palfinger truck mounted cranes allows us to lift your car onto our trucks safely and efficiently. Alternatively, you can deliver the car to our location, whichever is more convenient for you.

    Instant Cash Payment:

    Say goodbye to waiting for payment! We’ll pay you cash on the spot for your faulty car engine. Our team will also provide you with all the necessary documentation for a smooth transaction.

    Why Choose Us To Sell Your Car Engine?

    Convenient Service:

    No need to pay someone to tow your car to the wreckers. We’ll come to you, saving you time and hassle.

    Expertise in Faulty Engines:

    With years of experience in the industry, we understand the value of faulty car engines and offer competitive prices.

    Local Scrap Engine Buyers:

    As your local scrap engine buyers, we’re dedicated to providing reliable and efficient services to our community.

    Engine Scrap Yard Nearby:

    Located conveniently, our engine scrap yard is easily accessible for drop-offs or pick-ups, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Types of Vehicles We Buy

    Types of Vehicles We Buy

    • We accept vehicles from any makes or models, including popular brands like Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Jaguar, Hyundai, Skoda, Ford, Chevrolet, or Vauxhall. Whether your vehicle is from one of these mentioned makes or not, we’ll gladly accept it.
    • No matter the year of manufacture, we accept vehicles distributed in any year, going back in time, as long as most of it is still intact and no major parts or pieces are missing. Whether your vehicle is a vintage classic or a more recent model, we’ll take it off your hands.
    • We accept vehicles in any condition. Whether your car is broken or working, moving or non-moving, drivable or non-drivable, rusting or non-rusting, accidental, or suffering from engine damage, we’ll still accept it. Our high-quality junk car removals services ensure that virtually any condition of vehicles is accepted.

    We Offer Sustainable Scrap Car Engine Recycling in Brisbane

    In Brisbane, the need for sustainable solutions to dispose of old vehicles has never been more demanding. Scrap Car Engine Recycling in Brisbane offers a reliable and eco-friendly way to address this challenge.

    Scrap car engine recycling is gaining popularity in Brisbane due to growing environmental concerns. With a focus on dismantling and recycling useful metals and materials, including engines, car recycling yards in Brisbane play a crucial role in minimizing waste and conserving resources.

    The rise in demand for recycled materials has significantly increased the prices of scrap metal engines in Brisbane. With prices ranging from 75% to 85% of the original value, recycling your scrap car engine not only contributes to environmental conservation but also offers financial rewards.

    Recycling scrap car engines contributes to reducing landfill waste and conserving valuable resources, with over 85% of materials being recycled. Recycling old car engines helps reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing new parts, resulting in an estimated reduction of over 50% in energy usage and emissions.

    We Offer Sustainable Scrap Car Engine Recycling in Brisbane
    Our Simple Approach Towards Reliable Scrap Engine Service in Brisbane

    Our Simple Approach Towards Reliable Scrap Engine Service in Brisbane

    Are you a car owner faced with the dilemma of what to do with your old or damaged engine? MetalBiz Brisbane offers a reliable solution for scrapping your engine and ensuring its proper disposal. When a car becomes unroadworthy, it’s time to consider scrapping the engine. At MetalBiz Brisbane, we follow a systematic process to ensure responsible disposal of engines.

    • Firstly, we carefully drain all fluids from the engine to prevent any environmental hazards.
    • Then, our experts dismantle the engine from the car’s shell for further assessment.
    • If the engine is deemed unsuitable for reuse, it undergoes recycling at our specialized scrap engine facility in Brisbane. We prioritize environmentally friendly practices and ensure that every part of the engine is recycled efficiently.
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    Get The Best Value Of Scrap Engine Blocks

    If you have scrap engines to sell, we offer a competitive pricing and top-notch service. Whether it’s engine blocks or other engine components, we provide quality scrap metal services in Brisbane.

    Scrap engines consist of various materials, including cast iron motor blocks with heads. These engine blocks also contain non-ferrous fittings such as aluminum, brass, and copper. Once these metals are separated, they are recycled and repurposed, contributing to sustainable metal recycling practices.

    At Metalbiz, we ensure that you receive fair compensation for your scrap engine blocks. Contact us today to learn more about our engine scrap services and get a competitive quote for your scrap metal.

    Scrap Engine Blocks

    Find Engine Scrap Yard and Block Recycling Near You

    Looking for engine scrap yard and engine block recycling services near you? Look no further than MetalBiz Brisbane. We specialize in providing convenient and reliable engine recycling solutions right in your local area.

    Our engine scrap yard is equipped to handle all types of engine blocks, whether they are damaged, worn out, or no longer in use. We ensure environmentally friendly disposal and recycling practices, helping you contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.

    With MetalBiz Brisbane, you can easily locate engine scrap yard and block recycling services near you. Contact us today to learn more about our engine recycling solutions and find out how we can assist you with your engine block recycling needs.

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