Get Rid Of Your Scrap Copper Cables in Brisbane

We are experts in removal of scrap copper cables in Brisbane. Our services are available for both individuals and commercial businesses. Whether you have old electrical cables, copper wires, or any other copper-containing materials, we provide hassle-free recycling solutions.

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    Efficient Scrap Cable Recycling Solutions In Brisbane

    Are your garages or storage rooms filled with stripped and scrap cables?

    MetalBiz understands the importance of responsible waste management and offers you the perfect solution – scrap cable recycling. As Brisbane’s leading scrap metal buyers, we specialize in providing efficient and environmentally-friendly recycling solutions for all your scrap cable needs.

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    Cable Recycling Services

    We Serve Both Commercial and Individual Needs

    We understand the fact that scrap cables can accumulate in various settings, from commercial establishments to residential properties. That’s why our scrap cable recycling services are designed to cater to the needs of both businesses and individuals across Brisbane. Whether you’re a construction company with surplus cables from renovation projects or a homeowner looking to clear out your garage, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all.

    Earn Top Cash for Scrap Copper Cable in Brisbane

    Copper is a highly valued metal due to its conductivity, malleability, and corrosion resistance. As a crucial component in electrical wiring and various industrial applications, the demand for copper remains consistently high. With the global demand for copper steadily increasing, so does its value.

    By choosing to sell your scrap copper tubes for cash, you’re not only decluttering your space but also maximizing the value of these materials. MetalBiz recognizes the worth of copper and offers competitive prices for scrap cables. Our team ensures that you receive the best possible value for your recyclable materials, reflecting the current market value of copper.

    Earn Top Cash for Scrap Copper Cable in Brisbane
    Free Scrap Cables Pick-Up

    We Offer Free Scrap Cables Pick-Up

    Say goodbye to worries about scrap cables cluttering your space. Our trained professionals come equipped with safety gear to your location, ensuring a safe and efficient pick-up process. Whether you have a small collection of cables or need to dismantle machinery, we’ve got you covered. Our fleet of vehicles of all sizes enables us to handle any amount of scrap, from individual pickups to large-scale factory cleanouts.

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    A Sneak Peak to Scrap Cable Recycling Journey At Metalbiz

    MetalBiz follows a step-by-step journey to ensure efficient scrap copper cable recycling in Brisbane:


    We start by collecting scrap copper from various sources across Brisbane, ensuring that nothing goes to waste

    Preparation and Sorting:

    The collected cables undergo a careful sorting process based on purity, type, and other criteria, setting the stage for efficient recycling.


    To facilitate the extraction of copper, the cables are shredded into smaller bits, aiding in separating copper from its insulating material.

    Granulating and Separating:

    In this critical stage, shredded bits are further processed to extract pure copper granules, separating them from any remaining insulation.


    The extracted copper undergoes purification processes to meet industry standards, ensuring its high quality and making it indistinguishable from freshly mined copper.

    Reintegration into the Market:

    Once purified, the recycled copper is ready to re-enter the market, molded into various shapes, and sold to industries demanding high-quality copper.

    Sell Your Scrap Cables for Cash with MetalBiz in Three Simple Steps

    Do you have a pile of scrap cables taking up space in your garage? Recycling them is the solution, and MetalBiz offers you the best scrap cable recycling solution in Brisbane. Here’s how you can turn your scrap cables into cash effortlessly.

    Contact MetalBiz

    Contact us via our website or by phone. We guarantee a quick response. Provide us with details about the type and quantity of scrap cables you have, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Scrap Cable Removal

    Our team of experts will come to your location equipped with safety equipment and tools to efficiently remove all the scrap cables. It’s a quick and hassle-free process, ensuring minimal disruption to your day.

    Payment On The Spot

    Once we’ve removed all the scrap cables from your site, we’ll pay you in cheque or EFT or bank on the spot. Our professionals will assess the grade and quantity of the cables, and you’ll receive your payment immediately. If you’re looking to get cash for scrap cables and take advantage of our free scrap removal service, MetalBiz is just a call away.

    Why Choose MetalBiz for Scrap Copper Cable Recycling?

    Expertise in Scrap Recycling

    With years of experience in the industry, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to handle various types of scrap cables and wires. We are well-versed in the recycling process, ensuring efficient processing to maximize the recovery of valuable metals.

    State-of-the-Art Recycling Facilities

    Our recycling facilities are equipped with advanced technology to efficiently process electrical wire scrap. We have the necessary equipment and machinery to separate different metals and materials, ensuring optimal recycling outcomes.

    Environmentally Friendly Practices

    As a responsible scrap metal company, we prioritize environmentally friendly practices. We adhere to strict guidelines and regulations to ensure that the recycling process is conducted in an eco-friendly manner, minimizing environmental impact.

    Same-Day Free Copper Removal

    Our process is simple and efficient. Our skilled team and tow trucks will remove all unwanted scrap copper from your premises within a few hours, and there will be no charge for any of this. You can trust us to handle your scrap copper removal in Brisbane needs promptly and efficiently.

    Integrity and Transparency

    MetalBiz operates with integrity and transparency. We accurately measure and pay our customers’ scrap metal to the last decimal point, ensuring fairness and honesty in every transaction.

    Amazing Customer Service

    If you’re searching for a reliable Scrap Copper Cable buyer in Queensland, MetalBiz is your answer. Our team goes above and beyond to provide an incredible experience at every step of the process, from providing a free quote to the final pick-up. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring your satisfaction throughout the entire recycling journey.

    We Accept All Types of Scrap Cables & Wires

    Electrical Wire Scrap

    We recycle various types of electrical wire scrap, including copper, aluminium, and steel wires commonly found in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

    Electrical Wire Off Cut Scrap

    We accept off cuts from electrical wire installations, which often contain valuable metals that can be recovered for reuse.

    Copper Wire PVC Scrap

    Copper wires with PVC insulation are commonly used for electrical applications. MetalBiz accepts all copper wire PVC scrap, ensuring proper extraction and recycling of the copper.

    Car Wire Scrap

    With the increasing use of electronic components in vehicles, car wire scrap has become a significant source of recyclable materials. We accept various cables and wires used for automotive applications.

    Sorting and Preparation

    Additional Types Accepted

    • Clean MICC Cable (Pyro)
    • Household Cable
    • Low-Grade Armoured Cable
    • MICC (Mineral Insulated Copper Clad) Cable (Pyro)
    • Single Core
    • Twin & Earth
    • VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber)

    Why Recycle Copper Cables in Brisbane?

    Environmental Benefits

    Mining fresh copper from the earth is energy-intensive and harmful to the environment. By recycling copper cables, you contribute to environmental conservation by conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. MetalBiz ensures that your recycling efforts have a positive impact on the planet.

    Economic Value

    Copper recycling presents lucrative potential for profit. With the constant demand for copper, its price remains high in the metal trading markets. By recycling your copper cables with MetalBiz, you not only contribute to sustainability but also stand to benefit economically from the high value of copper.

    Job Creation

    Brisbane’s copper recycling industry has become a hub for job creation. From collection and transportation to processing and sales, the recycling process involves various stages that create employment opportunities in the local community. By supporting MetalBiz and participating in copper recycling, you contribute to job creation and economic growth in Brisbane.

    Find the Actual Worth of Your Scrap Metal

    Local Scrapyards and Recycling Centres

    Local scrapyards and recycling centres are excellent sources for up-to-date scrap metal prices in Brisbane. These facilities closely monitor local market dynamics and provide real-time pricing information. It’s advisable to directly contact these establishments or check their websites for the most accurate and current prices, as scrap metal prices can fluctuate due to various factors.

    International Benchmark Prices

    Platforms like the London Metal Exchange and various commodities trading websites offer international benchmark prices for scrap metal. While these prices provide a broader market perspective, they may not precisely reflect the local prices in Brisbane due to factors such as transportation costs and local supply-demand dynamics.

    Current Scrap Metal Prices Brisbane

    Brisbane currently charges between $6.50 and $9.50 per kilogram for scrap copper, with prices varying according to the material’s purity and condition. The most expensive copper is typically pure, clean copper, such as bright copper wiring; contaminated or mixed copper is typically less expensive.

    When it comes to assessing the value of scrap metal, staying informed about current prices is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the current prices for various types of scrap metal in Brisbane:

    Copper Electrical Wire Prices

    As of October 3, 2023, the current price for copper electrical wire scrap in Brisbane is $12.57 per kilogram. This price reflects the market value of copper electrical wire, which is highly sought after due to its conductivity and recyclability.

    Scrap Copper Wire Prices

    Similarly, the current price for scrap copper wire in Brisbane is also $12.57 per kilogram as of October 3, 2023. Scrap copper wire is valued for its copper content and is commonly recycled for its economic and environmental benefits.

    Scrap Cable Prices

    The price of scrap cables in Brisbane varies depending on factors such as the type of cable and the amount of copper it contains. While specific prices may fluctuate, it’s essential to consider the overall market trends and demand for scrap cables when assessing their value.

    Choose MetalBiz as Your Recycler

    When it comes to recycling, it’s crucial to partner with licensed recyclers who prioritize environmental standards. MetalBiz stands out among Brisbane’s recycling companies, offering top-notch services that benefit both your pockets and the environment. With MetalBiz, you can trust that your scrap copper cable will be handled responsibly and efficiently.

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